The zookeeper is the manager of the Bikini Bottom Zoo who appears in the episode "Who R Zoo?"


He is a buff, overweight violet fish with tan yellow eyes, a black mustache, and dark purple lips. He wears an ivory white sombrero with a light brown stripe, a darker ivory white worker's uniform with a dark green tie and golden police badge to the right, brown pants with a black belt and golden buckle, and dark brown boots.


The zookeeper takes his job very seriously, as he has no tolerance for funny business and is not afraid to exhibit his strict side should someone violate the zoo policy. However he is also shown to have a nice side, as he patches things up with SpongeBob at the end as his zoo bubble animals get along with the actual zoo animals.

Role in episode

He kicks SpongeBob and Patrick out of the zoo at the beginning, due to them causing disruption.

As the zoo animals break out of their cage, they trample the zoo manager, which is ironically considered punishment for banning SpongeBob in the first place.

He appears one last time at the end of the episode, as he gets on better terms with SpongeBob after the latter conveniently incorporates his Bubble Zoo animals into the regular zoo.
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