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The zoo monster is a large sea monster that appears in the episode "Who R Zoo?"


It is a large lime-green sea monster with purple dorsal fins, nineteen light red eyes with black pupils, turquoise lips and eyelids, a large tongue, and sharp teeth. It has a red antenna shaped like a sea urchin.

Role in episode

SpongeBob pets it to show the zookeeper that he is good with the zoo animals, however the monster then growls and attacks, frightening the manager. Later when the other zoo animals are about to attack the Bubble Zoo animals, the zoo monster shows up and frightens the bubble animals. It then lets out a big roar causing the bubble animals to retreat back into the soap bottle in fear.


  • The monster's spiked ball on its antenna is red when SpongeBob pets it, but when it roars at the bubble animals near the end of the episode, it is purple.
  • In the original storyboard it was designed to resemble a regular angler fish with two eyes and six fins.

The zoo monster in the original storyboard.


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