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Sorry, Mr. Krabs. I accidentally dropped some buns into our vat of extra grease. They've been soakin' there for about an hour.
SpongeBob referring to the Yummy Bunz, "Greasy Buffoons"

Yummy Bunz are a type of Krabby Patty that appear in the episode "Greasy Buffoons."


The sign the Yummy Bunz are advertised on.

They are Krabby Patties with their buns smothered in grease. They are made by soaking buns in grease for an hour.

Role in episode

They are created by SpongeBob after he drops them into a puddle of grease by accident. Even though they are not healthy, the Krusty Krab sells them until the health inspector comes to see the mess. The new menu item becomes a hit until Plankton invents Crispity Crunchities to win back the hungry crowd.


  • This bun type does not appear on Galley Grub, but rather on a sign outside the Krusty Krab.
  • The word Bunz is spelled with a z instead of an s.