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"You Will Obey!" is the 20th track from The Best Day Ever album and it is performed by Plankton. In this song, Plankton rants about his possibilities of ruling Bikini Bottom and taking over the world.


Hello, insignificant life forms.
Plankton speaking!
I'm here to take over your fair city.
Hey, down here! I'm talkin' to you!
Ah, what's the use?
Attention please, open your ears
Hey, listen up! I give the orders around here
I'm gonna own you! Mind, body, and soul
You must surrender to my mental control
You'll feel my power! I'm number one man
I'm the head honcho with the big master plan
Ooh, it's a good one! It hasn't failed me yet
It's fiendishly simple, and there's only one step
You will obey! (-Bey, -bey, -bey)
Do what I say! (Say, say, say)
Do it my way! (Way, way, way)
Go! (Go!) Stay (Stay!)
You will obey
You're gettin' sleepy, now I've conquered your mind
Under my spell now, so just get in line
Don't try to struggle, and don't ever doubt
You're in my clutches and there ain't no way out!
I don't ask, I just command
What part of "Do it" don't you understand?
You will obey! (-Bey, -bey, -bey)
Hit it, James!
Oh, yeah!
I'll rule the whole world, why settle for half?
Ah ha ha ha ha, ain't that a great evil laugh?
Criminal genius, soon you'll all see
I went to college! I have a degree
When I say "Jump!", you make the leap!
I'm a big time player and you're mindless sheep
Don't give me no lip! That's gettin' old
I crack the whip, now do what you're told!
You will obey! (-Bey, -bey, -bey)
Do what I say! (Say, say, say)
Do it my way!
Ah, yeah
Go (Go!) Stay (Stay!)
You will obey!
You will obey! (-Bey, -bey, -bey)
Do what I say! (Say, say, say)
Do it my way!
Ah, yeah
Sit, heel, speak, stay!
You will obey!
Ah ha ha ha ha ha
Am I bad or am I bad?
Positively diabolical
I only have one eye, but it's an evil one!
You will obey!


  • When Plankton says "Hit it, James!," he is quoting Elvis Presley, who said it to his guitarist in his shows.
    • James Burton is actually the guitarist for this song, so the quote is very suiting.