You Can Be Anything is a book that appears in the episode "Pat the Horse."


It is a hardcover book with a dark blue cover that depicts Ryan thinking about a janitor, a fast-food cashier, and a prisoner. There is a dark red square on top of the spine. The book's title is transcribed above the cover in capital letters, with "You Can Be" imprinted in light orange text with orange lines both left and right of those words, and "Anything" imprinted in pink.

Concept-wise, it is a book that informs the reader sentences consisting of "You can be ____."

Role in episode

SpongeBob reads this book to Patrick as a bedtime story. SpongeBob, reading the sentences from the book, tells Patrick he can be a firefighter, doctor, or a cowboy. Patrick points to a picture of the cowboy and tells SpongeBob that he wants to be a horse.


  • The title of this book, You Can Be Anything, is the tagline for the Barbie Company and also the name of a Barney & Friends VHS.
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