Wonderful Guy is a superhero alter-ego of Patrick Star that he created in order to play as a superhero. He appears in the comic The Evil That Mendu!


He has the same proportions as Patrick, except he wears a black mask, a dark green cape, a yellow belt, and a pair of red briefs with a blue "W" over his normal pants.

Powers and abilities

Due to just playing as a superhero, Wonderful Guy does not have any superpowers, though he has imaginary fighting and flying abilities.

Role in comic

When Squidward goes to get his mail, he is blasted in the face by water. Wonderful Guy save him, but Squidward realizes that the hero rigged the mailbox so that he could cause trouble to solve. Secret Man joins his escapades, and Squidward decides to hide in his house until the two stop playing. During the heroes' antics, they sing their theme song and Wonderful Guy pretends that a large plant is a villain, and proceeds to beat it up.

He and Secret Guy then hear a cry for help, and it's revealed that Squidward has become the villain Mendu in order to drive away the heroes. Mendu threatens to twist off the head off a doll dressed up as Squidward, and Wonderful Guy and Secret Man, not knowing that Mendu is Squidward or that the captive is a doll, decide to leave. Mendu celebrates his victory by rushing to his mailbox, and the heroes sneak back to save the doll.
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