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"What a sad existence I don't remember I live."

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William Arthur "Bill" Reiss (born May 4, 1976; age 46) is a former SpongeBob SquarePants crew member. In his earlier years, he was teamed with Jay Lender as a storyboard artist and writer, but he was later teamed with Paul Tibbitt, Walt Dohrn, Kaz, and Kent Osborne as a storyboard artist.


He is best known for collaborating with former SpongeBob writer C.H. Greenblatt, to serve as creative director on his cartoon Chowder.

They later worked as directors for Fish Hooks, which he co-developed with Alex Hirsch and Noah Z. Jones for Disney Channel. After Fish Hooks, he worked on Mickey Mouse as a writer, storyboard artist and director.

In 2016, Reiss worked on C.H. Greenblatt's new series for Nickelodeon, Harvey Beaks.


  • As revealed in the season 2 DVD audio commentaries, he is called Bill by his friends.
  • According to the DVD audio commentary for "Big Pink Loser," that episode was the first episode he had written for any cartoon.
  • He is the youngest writer/storyboardist in the first 3 seasons.
    Bill Reiss in Patty Hype.png
  • "Patty Hype" and "C.H.U.M.S" are the only episodes where he was credited as Bill Reiss in the opening credits.
    • During season 1, he was credited as Bill Reiss only during the end credits.