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Which Patrick Are You? is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.


The game is a quiz. It has questions that are related to Patrick Star. The player can choose whatever one of the choices they prefer. There are a total of nine questions. After completing the quiz, the game tells the player which Patrick one they are based on the question choices they have selected.

Types of Patrick

A different alter ego of Patrick or Patrick himself will be shown after answering to all nine questions. There are TBA different Patricks:

  • Classic Patrick - "With SpongeBob for a best friend and an awesome rock house on Conch Street, you're good ol' Patrick Star!"
  • Mad Scientist Patrick - "It's alive! Creative and super smart, you're the Patrick with all the crazy ideas... so crazy, they just might work!"
  • Patrick-Man - "Who will save Bikini Bottom from wasted, half eaten donuts? You! You're Patrick's superhero alter ego!"
  • Baby Patrick - "With a little diaper and a big heart, you're the Patrick everyone would love to babysit. You're the cutest sea star in Bikini Bottom!"
  • Business Patrick - "You always mean business...especially when there's a lunch break. Dressed to impress and always on time, you're the smartest Patrick around!"
  • Surprised Patrick - "You may be shocked by everything you see, but your facial expressions keep everyone else laughing. You're the most surprised sea star in Bikini Bottom!"
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