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When You Wish Upon a Pat is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic.



SpongeBob and Patrick are outside, wishing for things they want. This bothers Squidward, who is reading a book inside his house. Eventually, he yells at SpongeBob and Patrick, asking what they are doing. They respond saying that they are wishing for stuff they want. Squidward then says that they are wasting their time and tells them that wishes only come true when a shooting star appears.

After leaving Squidward alone, Patrick asks SpongeBob where they are going to find a shooting star. He then replies that instead of a shooting star, they should use a shooting sea star. SpongeBob then uses a catapult to launch Patrick into the air, while Patrick wishes he was made of chocolate.

Scooter and Tom are seen next to a chocolate fountain, which Patrick is heading for. He crashes into it, covering himself in chocolate. He then starts to celebrate, before the chocolate on him hardens. SpongeBob arrives and is shocked at Patrick being stuck inside the chocolate, while Scooter complains about him on the fountain.

SpongeBob then places Patrick on the catapult and fires him, wishing him to be free. The latter then crashes into Squidward's house, breaking the chocolate shell encasing him and crushing Squidward. SpongeBob celebrates his wish coming true, while Squidward mutters what he'd wish for.



  • Running Gag: Patrick wishing for chocolate-covered stuff.

Cultural references

  • The comic's title is a pun on the phrase "when you wish upon a star."
  • The book that Squidward was reading at the beginning of the comic, Of Mice and Fish, is a parody of the John Steinbeck novella Of Mice and Men.


  • In panel six, Squidward's house is missing its "ear."
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