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"What if SpongeBob Was Gone? (Mr. Krabs)" is a SpongeBob SquarePants What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? short. In this short, Mr. Krabs is making Krabby Patties instead of SpongeBob.



In the beginning of the short, Mr. Krabs is making Krabby Patties without SpongeBob, saying that he does not need him since he can do his job as well. As he serves them, he trips on soda and accidentally throws it on Incidental 107.

He smells something in the kitchen, which turns out to be the patties burning. Mr. Krabs then blows the fire out, but he drops his hat on the stove, causing a fire in the kitchen.

With the Krusty Krab being ruined and everyone running away, including Squidward, Mr. Krabs realizes that if SpongeBob was there, everything would have been fine and that he needs him, and the short ends.



  Lap Steel - Nicolas Carr [Title card]
  The Rake Hornpipe - Robert Alexander White [Plays throughout]



  • This is one of four shorts centered around an alternate universe where SpongeBob is gone.
  • This short marks the first time Mr. Krabs wears the Krusty Krab employee hat.
  • This is the only "What if SpongeBob Was Gone?" short to feature two main characters in the same one, and to have a black line in the words on the title card.
  • This short was made to lead up to the premiere of "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"
  • On the Pilot a Mini-Movie and the Square Shorts DVD, this short is titled "Krabs Cooks."