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"What if SpongeBob Was Gone? (Gary)" is a SpongeBob SquarePants What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? short. In this short, Gary is throwing a party.



The short begins inside of SpongeBob's house, SpongeBob's alarm clock goes off, awakening Gary. He looks at the bed beside him and finds that it is empty. He then rushes to the living room, collects all the furniture, and puts it into one place.

Later that evening, Gary hosts a party with various snails. As things are going well, it backfires as the alarm clock from earlier that day flies into the pile of furniture and messes up the party. The short ends with the alarm clock going off next to Gary.



 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Lap Steel - Nicolas Carr [Title card]
  Vibe Q Sting - Nicolas Carr [Gary sees the empty bed]
  Earl's Revenge - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [Gary rearranges the furniture]
  Beach Party - Harry Bluestone [Gary throws a party]



  • The storyboard director of this short is Kenny Pittenger. It started production on September 7, 2007.[1]
  • Gary had previously partied while SpongeBob went missing in the episode "Atlantis SquarePantis."
  • This is the only short where Shelley appears.
  • This is the only "What if SpongeBob Was Gone?" short to not have someone say that they need SpongeBob back. This is because Gary can't talk.
  • This is one of four shorts centered around an alternate universe where SpongeBob is gone.
  • This short was made to lead up to the premiere of "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"
  • On the Pilot a Mini-Movie and the Square Shorts DVD, this short is titled "Snailhouse Chockablock." This title is also present in the storyboard material for the short.