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"What Else Can a Krabby Patty Do?" is a SpongeBob SquarePants Goodbye, Krabby Patty? short. In this short, SpongeBob and Patrick show what a Krabby Patty can do.



The beginning of the short shows a Krabby Patty with sparklers on the buns, while voices are heard singing the name of it.

The narrator of the short explains how Krabby Patties are not only meant for eating and then proceeds to say that they can also be used as snow shoes; SpongeBob and Patrick are seen in a snowy mountain, wearing winter clothes and Krabby Patties on their feet.

Patrick sinks into the ice and the narrator says they also can be used as a flying disk, then SpongeBob throws a patty and knocks out Patrick's head.

After putting back his head, the narrator exclaims that the patties can be used as a hockey puck, so SpongeBob tosses a Krabby Patty and knocks out Patrick.

Later, after the narrator explains about combing a patty's hair, Patrick puts a wig on one of them and proceeds to comb its hair. SpongeBob and Patrick are then seen wearing patty condiments as jewelry, since this is what the narrator said earlier.

Lastly, the narrator says that the patties can be flushed down the toilet. SpongeBob and Patrick flush a patty down a toilet, causing said toilet to overflow with water. Patrick mentions to SpongeBob that it was not his grandma's Krabby Patty and laughs it off, as it is revealed seconds later from SpongeBob that it actually was as the short comes to an end with the water still overflowing in the background, as the short ends.



 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Bobsled - Caesar Giovannini, Wayne Robinson [The opening]
  Busy Life - Cedric King-Palmer [Different uses for patties]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 1A - Jeremy Wakefield [Grandma SquarePants appears.]
  Drama Link (B) - Hubert Clifford ["Now available where they keep things cold!"]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 30 - Jeremy Wakefield [The zombie fish eats a Krabby Patty.]



  • This short played during a commercial break during the premiere of "Mind the Gap" and "Breakin'," along with "Frozen Krabby Patty."
  • This is the only short where Grandma SquarePants appears.
    • This is also the last time she has appeared physically.