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What's Your SpongeBob Holiday Gift? is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.


The game is a quiz. It shows questions that are holiday related. One can choose whatever one of the choices they prefer. There are a total of ten questions. After completing the quiz, the game tells the player what kind of holiday gift they would like based on the question choices they selected.


What's on your Christmas list?

-Toxic waste bucket
-Chief clothes
-Music sheet

Have you been good this year?

-Who Cares?

How do you wrap your presents?

-Wrapping paper
-Red paper

What's your favorite Christmas food?


Who do you spread time with at Christmas?

-Best Friend

What do you wear to a Christmas party?

-Fancy dress

How do you greet people at Christmas?

-"Get Lost"
-"Happy Holidays"

Where do you throw your Christmas party?

-Sand bucket


What's Your SpongeBob Holiday Gift? (Nickelodeon Quiz)

What's Your SpongeBob Holiday Gift? (Nickelodeon Quiz)

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