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Wet Noodle is a Chinese restaurant that appears in the episode "SpongeBob You're Fired" and the book You're Fired! It is managed by Noodleman who is a fish wearing a Chinese box costume similar to what the exterior looks like.



The building is made to resemble a huge Chinese food takeout box with noodles and chopsticks in it. Said box is white and has the name written on the upper middle corner in golden-brown text with two golden brown windows below.


The inside appears to have brown walls with pictures hung up and some tables.

Role in episode

Wet Noodle is the fourth and last place SpongeBob goes for a new job after he had been fired from the Krusty Krab, Weenie Hut, Pizza Piehole, and Taco Sombrero. SpongeBob tries to apply for a job here, but he is fired after creating a Noodle Patty, contrary to what Noodleman wants, and is deemed unprofessional.

Later in the episode, Noodleman swipes SpongeBob with giant chopsticks because supposedly the customers really liked the Noodle Patties and tries to rehire him. Noodleman ends up getting in a big fight with the other restaurant owners until SpongeBob is rescued by a giant Killer Krabby Patty, who turns out to be Squidward in disguise.


  • Unlike Weenie Hut, Pizza Piehole, and Taco Sombrero, which have their interior completely shown, Wet Noodle's interior is only partially shown.
  • Wet Noodle is the only restaurant establishment that doesn't appear in the SpongeBob, You're Fired! online game.
  • This is the first Chinese restaurant to appear in the series.