The warden is a character that appears in the episode "The Inmates of Summer." He keeps the prison Inferno Island in order.


He is a tall, lavender fish who wears an olive green suit with a green tie and a hat.

Role in episode

He is very cruel to SpongeBob and Patrick, even though they are not supposed to be at the prison. He acts like a military sergeant/prison guard and is tough. He is very harsh to the criminals and hates almost everything except the play that SpongeBob arranges.


  • R. Lee Ermey, the portrayer of the Warden, did in fact used to be in the military, just like this character.
  • The Warden is voiced by the late Ronald Lee Ermey, the same actor who played Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the classic Stanley Kubrick film Full Metal Jacket.
  • The warden is similar to the warden in the novel and its movie adaptation, Holes.
  • Being the stereotype drill sergeant, he yells his words and rarely speaks in a normal tone.
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