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The pistachios are all out to get me. You can't trust 'em. They're working for the peanut mafia!
— Walnut

The walnut[1] is a sentient walnut that is able to be communicated with using Sandy's nut translator in the episode "Chatterbox Gary."


It looks like an ordinary walnut. However, it can also have a nut translator on it.

Role in episode

After SpongeBob shows Gary's new collar, Sandy claims that she made a nut translator ages ago, and uses it on a walnut. The walnut then exclaims that they can't trust the pistachios, due to them working for the peanut mafia. Sandy then laughs it off, saying that walnuts are extra nutty.


  • The walnut acts similarly to the peanut in the episode "Chimps Ahoy," as both are sentient nuts (though peanuts are legumes) that use a nut translator in order to be able to speak.