Waking Up Is Hard To Do is the first comic of SpongeBob Comics No. 1.



SpongeBob wakes up one morning, gets dressed, and grabs a box of cereal for breakfast. He notices that the cereal box has a little notice about a prize inside the box, so SpongeBob tries to dig around in the cereal box to find the prize. However, he manages to pull out a monster instead, which roars at him.

SpongeBob wakes up in bed, startled. He repeats his morning routine, but when he gets the cereal box, he decides to empty it out first to find the prize. However, a never-ending supply of cereal comes out of the box, filling the entire kitchen. The monster from before then pops out of the cereal and roars at SpongeBob.

SpongeBob wakes again, but now he's in a black void. The sky brightens, and it's revealed that the monster is now the one getting the toy out of the cereal box; and the toy is SpongeBob. The monster then reaches to grab SpongeBob, who screams in fear.

SpongeBob wakes up once again in his bed, a horrified look on his face. He repeats his morning routine, but then he gets to the breakfast part. He nervously looks at the cereal box, before deciding that he and Gary should have pancakes for breakfast instead.



  • This is the third instance where SpongeBob tries to get a toy from a cereal box, but fails. The first two were in the episodes "Shanghaied" and "Waiting."
SpongeBob Comics No. 1 (VE)

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