WSEA TV is a place featured in Rock Bottom, and is a part of the video game Employee of the Month.


It is a big standard-definition TV that displays the weather throughout Rock Bottom.


It made its appearance in Employee of the Month, and the player has to talk to Gary Gulper and get past Tiffany the Receptionist to Gary. It shows on the monitor that Marlin's Cave was the only place in Rock Bottom getting no rain and perfect weather.



  • The News (the slogan is Tomorrow's News... Today!)
  • Touched By An Angelfish
  • The Wonderful World Of Cans


  • If the player clicks on the Operation Krabby Patty poster inside this location, SpongeBob breaks the fourth wall by saying, "Ooo! Operation Krabby Patty! That was my very first game... good times, good times."
    • Technically, this is not true because Legend of the Lost Spatula was the first SpongeBob game to be released, and in Europe, SuperSponge also came out before-hand. However, Operation Krabby Patty was the first SpongeBob PC game.
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