Volcano Island is an island on which the video game Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island takes place.


Volcano Island has a variety of environments, but the majority of the island has a jungle landscape. However, there are also beaches, temples, and other kinds of places. The island got its name because of the giant volcano on the island, which is the residence of Mawgu.

Role in game

A villain known as The Mawgu has taken residence in the volcano of a place called, "Volcano Island." Some of the citizens summon Danny, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward Tentacles, Tucker, Sam, and Timmy and his fairies to stop the Mawgu. However, only SpongeBob and Danny are summoned to the citizens. The rest have to be found. The two find Patrick, Tucker, Sam, Squidward, Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda. After finding the last three, Timmy says that he found a communicator to Jimmy.

After defeating the Great Carapace, the heroes get the missing battery and call Jimmy. They explain everything to Jimmy. He is surprised. Jimmy tells the team that the monster is using a rip in time and space to steal energy from their worlds and if he continues, their worlds will be destroyed. Danny asks how they will stop the Mawgu. Jimmy says that he is sending Tucker the plans for a device called the "Neutron Rip Zipper," that will close the rip in time and space. He says that the parts they will need are on the island.

Later, the heroes find Sandy and the first piece of the rip zipper.

Later, Jimmy tells the heroes that there is a component of the rip zipper nearby, after they save the Myrmec Queen. SpongeBob says that it is beautiful and Danny says that it is just an espresso machine.

Later, King Gorge gives the heroes the last piece of the Rip Zipper, which is a microwave.

Later, Tucker mentions that Jimmy told him that the heroes have to get the Rip Zipper to the top of the Volcano.

Later, Jimmy tells Danny and the others that if they can get the Mawgu into the rip, they can seal it up at the same time.

After defeating the Mawgu, Jimmy says that he is opening the portal to bring them home. It is unknown if he has programmed the portal to take them all home or to just take them to his lab.
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