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Viking-Sized Adventures is a SpongeBob SquarePants DVD that was released on January 29, 2010 and contains eight episodes from season 6.


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Dive in to hilarity when SpongeBob learns about the Vikings - right from the source, Squidward is banned from his lodge, SpongeBob and Patrick fill in for their heroes at an event, Captain Redbeard gets a surprise from his grandson, Mr. Krabs, and more!


The denizens of the deep are at it again, causing waves of laughter when SpongeBob learns all about the Vikings - right from Olaf, Olaf, Olaf, Olaf, Olaf, and Gordon, Squidward gets stuck in the pineapple with his two best pals (NOT!), SpongeBob and Patrick get carried away filling in for Mermaidman and Barnacleboy at a shuffleboard tournament, the boys get Squidward banned from his secret society lodge, Mr. Krabs tries to fool his visiting granddad into thinking he's a pirate, SpongeBob sneaks out of boating class to attend a book signing, Plankton opens an underground restaurant, Squidward impersonates Squilliam, and more nautical nonsense!


114a - "Dear Vikings"
114b - "Ditchin'"
125a - "Pineapple Fever"
125b - "Chum Caverns"
115a - "Grandpappy the Pirate"
115b - "Cephalopod Lodge"
117a - "Shuffleboarding"
117b - "Professor Squidward"
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"Dear Vikings"/"Chum Caverns"/"Grandpappy the Pirate" storyboard panels

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Paul Mavis of DVDTalk said in a review of this DVD that "Only Pineapple Fever comes close to being a top-flight SpongeBob short, so without the appeal of having a sweet little grouping of the best possible offerings from Season Six and Seven, there isn't much point in purchasing [it]."[1]



  • This DVD was released on iTunes three days before it was released on DVD.
  • This DVD includes previews of other Nickelodeon DVDs. These include older SpongeBob DVDs and iCarly: Season 2, Volume 1 DVD.
  • This is the first SpongeBob DVD to be released in 2010.
  • This is the last SpongeBob DVD for a few things:
    • The last single-disc SpongeBob DVD to include only season 6 episodes.
    • The last SpongeBob DVD to go straight to the main menu instead of showing the credits.
    • The last SpongeBob DVD to use the Nick lightbulb closing logo.
  • On the international covers, SpongeBob has normal eyes, but on the Japanese DVD cover, SpongeBob has puppy eyes.
  • In other countries, including the UK, the DVD is known as "Viking Adventure" instead of "Viking-Sized Adventures."
  • In some other countries (such as Australia), Slide Whistle Stooges and The Splinter are included instead of Pineapple Fever and Chum Caverns.
  • This DVD was re-released in a triple pack DVD along with SpongeBob's Last Stand and Triton's Revenge on July 24, 2012.
  • In the Turkish release, these are the following episodes included instead:

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SpongeBob- Viking-Sized Adventures - DVD Menu Walkthrough


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