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Victor[1] Krabs is Eugene H. Krabs' and his unknown sister's father. He is the husband of Betsy Krabs. He is also the son of Redbeard Krabs and the paternal grandfather of Pearl Krabs and Mr. Krabs' nephews. He makes his first physical appearance in "Senior Discount."


Victor is an extremely elderly crab, at least over 90 years old, with a lightened pink shell and wrinkles. He has a large bushy gray mustache, and wears a turtleneck sweater with light blue edges and a pink and light blue diamond pattern, a white shirt, and purple pants. He also seems to speak in a pirate accent much like his son.


Victor Krabs was born to the pirate Redbeard Krabs and Grandma Krabs.

At some point, he married Betsy. The two had at least two children: a daughter and Eugene H. Krabs. When Eugene was five years old, Victor gave him a dollar.

In "Senior Discount," Victor Krabs is shown to still be alive and makes his first physical appearance.


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