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    Final Goodbye

    January 13, 2020 by Worksponge

    Hello everyone! It is Worksponge here back with a new blog (and my final)! 

    So I would like to say I am finally retiring from this wikia. I am getting kind of older now and am moving on with my life, plus, after the 11th season finale, I haven't kept up with the show like that. Even though I've been labeled inactive already I just wanted to make an official announcement. I am much happier now and am ready for the bigger and finer things. 

    I would just really like to thank everyone who have supported me these years. I have had many great and happy moments, some not so good, but "we all learn and grow" from experiences. Not gonna lie, a lot of people don't really talk to me like that here so I don't expect a big response, but for those who did/…

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  • Worksponge

    Hello everyone!

    I want to make this blog short, but it was revealed today that Nickelodeon signed a deal with Netflix, after the new launch of the Disney+ streaming service, and Cartoon Network signed a deal with HBO for their new streaming service as well. This is very big as well, meaning there would be a lot of new competition for streaming services and a big step towards cable isolation. Read the article [http:// here]

    ALSO: I talked about this in a blog I made from last year, read it

    What do you think? Lemme know in the comments below!

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  • Worksponge

    Hello everyone! Worksponge here back with a new blog! 

    Now originally I was gonna retire from doing blogs, but no. This is really important, and I want everyone to see this. So please share this if you can.

    Basically, as most of you know by now, Nickelodeon has announced they'll be making a new prequel series to SpongeBob titled "Kamp Koral"... and the worst part about it is that it's allegedly being executively produced by Marc Ceccarelli and Vincent Waller, in whom I'm dissapointed in the most.

    Unfortunately, Stephen Hillenburg passed away in November of 2018. But, long story short, Stephen never supported the idea of spinoffs, crossovers, etc. or anything from the show. He wanted ONLY THE MAIN SERIES and that's it. The fact that the staff …

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  • Worksponge

    Hello everyone this is Worksponge back with another blog (my first in like 2 months), and today I will be talking about the future spinoffs planned for SpongeBob.

    Well allegedly SpongeBob is going to have “spinoffs” to bring back younger viewers into watching the show according to current Nickelodeon CEO, Brian Robbins. 

    It’s being reported the CEO of Nick wants spinoffs of the nearly 2 decade running cartoon to draw back younger viewers. Ratings decreased by 27-37% last year, and having a possible spinoff could put the show on its 2 feet again. 

    While we don’t know know how many spinoffs the show will have, or even if it’s for sure, the way it’s looking now is more than 2. We also don’t know what type of spinoffs they mean, like 3 minute sho…

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  • Worksponge

    Hello everyone! It’s me, Worksponge here with my first blog in a while!

    Today we will be discussing if the show still uses rehashes and if it’s a good thing.

    Does SpongeBob rehash plots? Simple answer: yes.

    The show does rehash some plots, but not literally, intentionally, or even all of the time. See, with a show going on for 20 years, 12 seasons, and over 400 episode segments, of course expect some similar plots. The show doesn’t copy the exact episode tbh, but people seem to dislike if an episode is even similar to another episode.

    Which leads me to this question, is it a good thing?

    Well, it depends if it is just the exact same as another episode. Like in season 7 when we had 3 episode ripoffs of Imitation Krabs. However, I’ve been noticing…

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