• The gamer 987654321

    As of some time recently, the wiki had its 20,000th page created! Or maybe, at least, as some pages still show it as having 19,000 and something.

    Regardless of how many pages the wiki actually has, still, we must not ignore that there are around 20,000 pages on this wiki! 20,000! This is a wiki about SpongeBob, and a hell of a lot of people who edit pages entirely voluntarily and without any reward other than satisfaction or whatever have managed to get the wiki up to 20,000 pages.

    However the discrepancies in the figures which you would assume would be the same beg the question of why they differ at all. Is there a type of page that the page count of Special:WikiActivity counts but not on User:The gamer 987654321, and if so, why? Anyway who…

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  • The gamer 987654321

    Since it looks like that convention discussion on forum games is going to fail, It seems like we have to start again in regards to how the wiki handles forum games. From what I can tell, most of the users who voted oppose think that it is too extreme. As such, we need to go slowly in regards to the transition away from certain games entirely and some other games onto the discussions feature.

    The users who opposed that convention discussion didn't seem to be too opposed to the counting games ending, so would that be a good first step towards solving this problem? comments from people who have more of an idea than me would be much appreciated.

    As for the other games, I suppose that they could slowly be transitioned over to discussions? After all…

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  • The gamer 987654321

    If you come onto this wiki at least once a week, then you probably know about the ESB "News" Team. I have two main problems with it: How it is presented and how it works. Amongst those broad categories I have several problems with it, all of which I think should lead to it being abolished.

    This is mainly me rambling about how I just don't like it, although I do bring up some points for as to why I think it should go.

    There are barely anything in these. You typically only get a quick rundown of user rights changes and opened / closed discussions. This little to show, and it still has an absolutely massive ego! I really don't think that anyone could deny that. It has its own board, it's highlighted every week (the only thing ever consistently …

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  • The gamer 987654321

    I know this is extremely rich coming from me, but I do know in what way I should treat users in a higher ranking position than me (and I also know I really should show that as well). It's besides the point anyway, and it's probably not what you want to read.

    Here is what I think the hierarchy of this wiki should look like. The same basic principle can be applied to other wikis too, it's just that I used this wiki's way of naming the rights:

    Obviously I don't think that users in positions higher than you should be seen as supremacist dictators, that is just the way in which I think people should respect people in a higher level of authority than you. If you want to look at how not to do that, look at every contribution I have ever made to anyw…

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  • The gamer 987654321

     As you almost certainly know, a good deal of "fans" have been calling for certain episodes of SpongeBob to no longer air on television. If you are unfamiliar with this thing, then I very highly doubt you'd be surprised that it's basically the episodes that Mr. Enter and PieGuy hate. You know the ones.

    • I'm With Stupid
    • Atlantis Squarepantis
    • Truth or Square
    • A Pal For Gary
    • One Coarse Meal
    • Are You Happy Now?
    • Squid Baby

    I'm not here to hate on Enter as you might have already mistakedly thought I was going to. Rather, I am here to  teach a little lesson about business and self-inportance to these idiots.

    First of all, why would they not air them every so often? Say you owned a fruit and vegetable shop. You have just bought another load of them, but you d…

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