• Spongefan13

    This is one of the overrated episode in season 1 I hate that SpongeBob and Patrick were doing that to everyone especially Sandy.

    This is one of the overrated episode in season 4. It was really boring and Patrick oh boy!

    Update: Squidward was torturing Krabs? Thats not Squidward IMO.

    I won't really explain because I already explained on my other blog.

    This is one of the most overrated episodes in the series seriosly I don't see whats so special about it and Patrick ripping off his skin was pretty grose.

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  • Spongefan13

    Absolutely horrible Squidward torture episode I was like what was going on? And Squidward was getting more and more tortured and the bikini bottom characters were really annoying.

    Overall: Scumbob Episode!

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  • Spongefan13

    10. Patrick's coupon

    Well not really bad its just very boring and unfunny and it teaches kids a bad lesson being dumb so thats all I'm going too say about this episode.

    9. Lost and Found

    Geez this episode! That kid was crying over a toy that he didn't want ugh!

    8. Out of the Picture

    This episode made Krabs very unlikable.

    7. House Worming

    There was a few gross outs in this episode and again very boring.

    6. The Clam Whisperer

    Another boring episode that made me fall asleep.

    5. Man Ray Returns

    I kinda enjoyed this episode but SpongeBob and Patrick were taking away Man Ray's Vacation.

    4. Code Yellow

    I didn't like the close up nose and there are alot of gross outs for example those keys that fish coughed out.

    3. Plankton Gets The Boot

    This episode made Karen…

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