This is a very hard post to write concerning CheeseRoxTheWorld. Talking about this devastates me but I had to do this here because I know she uses Wikia a lot and I am the only other member of her family who also uses Wikia, so I must let her communities know.

I am her sister Mira. Courtney (CheeseRoxTheWorld) died in a drowning accident on the evening October 15, 2018 at the age of 18, 4 days before her 19th birthday. [1] Admins/bureaucrats, please remove her moderator rights because she won't come back. I am also hoping FANDOM disable her account because she cannot respond. Please respect my privacy as I do not know this community, I am not looking to join any new wikis, and I am only here to inform users of any wikis that I know she uses. Memorialize her any way you'd like but please give it time before trying to contact me, as again, I don't know this community which is why I disabled comments. RIP.

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