I had to think.

For a long time.

But I made my choice.

I’m leaving.

Let’s get the big question outta the way though.


Many reasons.


Trolls are becoming a great big problem, and I just....can’t.


For some reason, trolls like to target me in private messages.

Direct quote:

“You suck, you ****.”

This is often why I leave chat, to clear my private messages.

It’s also why I don’t visit it as often anymore.


You see, I’m really sick. It’s becoming hard to keep up with school work and stuff.

Other life matters

I got harder classes in school now, so if you remember what I just said, it’s hard.

Discussions are becoming terrible

Do I NEED to explain?

Other questions

What about TAoSs?

Cmc’s head, congrats.

Are you leaving FANDOM, or just ESB?

FANDOM. All together.

Will you come back?


But your promotion...

Give it away.

How will I know when you are gone?

When these 3 things happen...

  1. My userpage is replaced with an archived version
  2. When I end the Q&A phase in the comments of this blog
  3. My message wall is blanked

Anyway, you got any questions, just ask me down below.

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