Let me start off by simply saying thank you. Thank you all.

Hello. My name is Aaron and I'm an administrator and bureaucrat here. I'm here to announce that I'm departing from the ESB administration and departing from being an avid editor.

Why am I retiring my rights? The truth is that ESB is no longer fun for me. Editing in itself seems like nothing more than a hassle and an honest waste of time, which is why you've more than likely noticed my sudden drop in activity. Right now it seems as if I'm forcing myself to edit. Chat is probably the only reason I still come to ESB. Why do I feel like editing is no longer enjoyable? Well, due to the actions of a few administrators, especially one who has quite a lengthy block log, and has been demoted at least twice, and whose demotion is being brought up yet again, this wiki has become nothing but a waste of time to me. Even if this particular admin is demoted, they'll request again later and be accepted into the administration again.

I've had a lot of fun here, and you guys are the ones that made it enjoyable. It may sound cliché, but really, thank you to those who supported me and those who believed in me when I was a sysop/bureaucrat hopeful - you know who you are.

So, is this a final goodbye? Am I gone for good? The answer is for the most part, yes. I'll very rarely pop on chat to catch up.

I tried to keep this as short as possible so I don't get too emotional, but I hope you all can understand. It's been a crazy ride and I've had a great time interacting with all of you. :)

Goodbye. PrezDubs WallContrib 22:52, February 26, 2016 (UTC)

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