"Persondudes/Krusty Krab Training Video" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from Season 3. In this episode, the Krusty Krab is featured in an instructional video for future employees.



For every new Krusty Krab employee, the ultimate career goal is to create a mouth-watering Krabby Patty by hand. However, before one can even think of picking up a spatula, one must thoroughly learn the ropes of the restaurant game, and the Krusty Krab Training Video is the perfect tool for fine-tuning the fresh new cog enthusiastically entering the service industry machine.

1: From Humble Beginnings
Eugene H. Krabs, from his childhood to his post-war years, has always had an eye for finance. His apt business sense leads to him converting a bankrupt retirement home into the restaurant one may know as the Krusty Krab.

2: The Krusty Krab Today
With the number of technological breakthroughs involved with today's restaurant, a new worker not yet in the know can quickly become overwhelmed. Thankfully, SpongeBob is ready and willing to guide the way to being a good employee, while the less thoroughly prepared employee, tentatively called “Squidward,” shall at least provide a clear example of what not to be.

"But what does POOP mean?"

3: Training
For a new employee woefully ignorant of what the customer has come to expect from their Krusty Krab dining experience, learning the meaning of POOP (People Order Our Patties) will make things quite clear and concise.

4: Personal Hygiene
The requirements for both cleanliness and personal appearance that an employee is obligated to adhere to are stringent. With diligence and enough soap, however, any employee can learn how to enter each new shift as clean as a whistle.

5: Your Work Station
Keeping the cooking and service areas clear of detritus is also very important, and while SpongeBob illustrates how to maintain the order of his tools and ingredients, Squidward demonstrates the trouble a poorly-kept station leads to.

6: Interfacing With Your Boss
One should never fear to ask the proprietor for a raise because the answer will always be the same. This section also covers interacting with the equally-important "Krustomers" for optimally profitable results.

Plankton in Krusty Krab Training Video-1.png

7: Emergency Situation
In the event of attempted theft, especially by one Sheldon J. Plankton, this section clearly details the proper protocol for protecting a Krabby Patty in peril. The narrator also reminds Squidward to remember POOP.

Once these lessons have been grilled to perfection into the new employee's brain, he or she shall be ready to reverently receive the secret and sacred method of preparing a Krabby Patty for consumption.



 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Waltzing Flutes - Gerhard Narholz [title card]

  Quest for the Best 1 - David Reilly [opening montage]
  The Wheels of Industry - Robert Sharples ["Welcome aboard!"]
  Blow the Man Down (c) - Robert Alexander White [after the war]
  The Wheels of Industry - Robert Sharples [retirement home]
  Quest for the Best 1 - David Reilly [The Krusty Krab Today]
  Street Scene - Robert Farnon [fast food technology]
  Screw on the Loose - Tony Lowry [POOP]
  Hustle and Bustle - Jack Beaver [Personal Hygiene]
  So Tired - Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy ["Remember, no employee wants to be a Squidward."]
  Crepe Suzette - Cyril Watters [Your Work Station]
  So Tired - Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy [Squidward's workstation]
  Crepe Suzette - Cyril Watters [Interfacing With Your Boss]
  Life or Death - Jack Beaver [Emergency Situation]
  Zelle 506 - Gerhard Trede [Plankton is thrown back to the Chum Bucket]
  Crepe Suzette - Cyril Watters [checking in on Squidward]
  Great Achievements - Nick Glennie-Smith from KPM Music [Preparing the Krabby Patty]
  Quest for the Best 1 - David Reilly [closing credits]



  • Currently retired critic David Ryan of the DVD Verdict praised the episode in a review of Sponge for Hire for its "upbeat narration, cheesy corporate music, and PowerPoint-like chapter titles." "This episode deviates from a "normal" SpongeBob episode in its style and presentation and will be most appreciated by adults who've sat through any corporate rah-rah or training video at some point in their lives." He also regarding the ending scene as "one of the best endings of any SpongeBob SquarePants episode produced to date."[1]
  • "Krusty Krab Training Video" was ranked #15 during the Best Day Ever event from November 9–10, 2006.
  • This episode is number 15 on The Tom Kenny Collection on iTunes and Amazon.com. His description says:
"'P.O.O.P. – People Order Our Patties.' Need I say more? That word being said repeatedly makes me laugh. Boy, am I mature, or what? A clever, outside-the-box episode."



  • According to the episode's Pop-Up Trivia Facts found on The Complete 3rd Season DVD Special features, this is one of the most popular episodes in season three and the series.
  • According to The Ultimate SpongeBob SpongeBash marathon's Celebrity Favorites, this is Keke Palmer's favorite episode.
  • This marks the 100th episode segment of the series in production order.
  • Apparently, Mr. Krabs has a fleeting fear of robot overlords, which prevents him from adding much technology to the Krusty Krab.
  • Plankton's robotic Krabby Patty walker can also be seen in the Chum Bucket LEGO set.
  • The following scenes from this episode have become internet memes:
    • Plankton's line "Not until I shift into maximum overdrive!" has become a popular internet meme.
    • SpongeBob checking his files so he can check the ingredients are out of place became a popular meme.
    • The POOP abbreviation has also become a popular internet meme.
  • When Mr. Krabs picks up Plankton to flick him out of the restaurant, the latter's sped-up voice slowed down can be heard saying, "Felicitations, malefactors! I am in town to find my minions. And I know just how to speak their lang-" before being flicked.
    • This dialogue is later reused at its original speed in "Plankton's Army." It should be noted that the line featured in this episode is different than the line in "Plankton's Army," which is, "I'll canvas all the seediest lowbrow dives in town to find my minions. And I know just how to speak their language! Felicitations, malefactors! I am endeavoring to misappropriate the formulary for the preparation of affordable comestibles!"
  • If one looks closely at the "Training Manual," they can see the colors of the Hungarian flag.
  • The reason the tape ends abruptly is as a way of maintaining the secrecy of the Krabby Patty formula out of legal protection.
  • SpongeBob is revealed to own a tape of the training video in "Appointment TV."
  • The_Krusty_Krab_Training_Video_Ending_Credits

    The Krusty Krab Training Video Ending Credits

    Special credits sequence

    This is the first episode without a plot. "Boat Smarts" is similar to this, though instead tackling the subject of a boater's education.
  • This is the first episode to reveal Mr. Krabs' naval past as a war veteran. However, it is never revealed which war he fought in.
  • This is the second episode to have a title card with a solid black background. The first is "F.U.N."
  • This is the second episode where the opening credits are not in an underwater background. The first is "SB-129."
  • Mr. Krabs' full name is revealed in this episode as Eugene H. Krabs.
    • However, it was not stated what the "H" stands for, but in "Born Again Krabs," Mr. Krabs says he is Harold Krabs, revealing his middle name is Harold.
  • Due to the nature of this episode parodying company training videos, the music used is mostly orchestral, with no Hawaiian-themed cues, and only one sea shanty cue, "Blow the Man Down," when briefly talking about Mr. Krabs' naval career.
  • In the Polish dub, the episode's title is "Film szkoleniowy," which translates to "The Training Video."
  • In the German dub, this episode is called "Das Ausbildungsvideo," which also translates to "The Training Video."
  • In the Croatian dub, the episode's name is "Obuka za Rakovu Poslastic," which translates to "Training for Krusty Krab."
  • In the French dub, this episode is called "Tout ce qu'un employé doit savoir," which translates to "Everything an employee needs to know."

SpongeBob SquarePants How to Wash Your Hands Nick

  • A clip from the episode where the narrator is talking about how the employees should always wash their hands before work was used in a bumper called "How To Wash Your Hands" that was made to remind people to wash their hands and be safe from the COVID-19 pandemic.[2]

Cultural references

  • The music playing during two photo montages of the Krusty Krab being shown is "Quest for the Best I," which is a parody of "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor.
  • At one point, a young Mr. Krabs is humming the tune of "Blow the Man Down," the sea shanty on which the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song is based off.
  • The sign in the bathroom written in English ("Please Wash Your Fins") and Spanish ("Lave Las Aletas") is a parody of other similar signs found in public retail stores.
  • When Mr. Krabs says "The money is always right," it is a parody of "The customer is always right," a common phrase in business used to prevent profit-damaging quarrels between customers and staff.


  • The narrator says, "The store closes at six," but the Krusty Krab is a restaurant, not a store. So, he should have said, "The restaurant closes at six."

The Klasky Csupo logo that appears at the end of the episode, instead of United Plankton Pictures Inc.

  • In TV airings from 2002 to 2006, the logo from the Nickelodeon animated series Rugrats - the 1998 Klasky Csupo logo, which features their SpongeBob-like mascot Splaat - appears instead of the normal United Plankton Pictures, Inc. logo. The reason the wrong logo was inserted is that the show's closing credits were electronically inserted alongside promos from other Nickelodeon programming and the show's closing logos. When the data was entered for this episode, the wrong credits were programmed in. Video evidence can be seen here.
    • The Nickelodeon logo at the end of SpongeBob episodes normally has seagull sounds from the United Plankton Pictures logo, but due to the error, it had the laugh track from Klasky Csupo-produced shows.
    • However airings on Nick@Nite from 2002 to 2004, the end credits plays normally and has the United Plankton Pictures logo.[3]
    • This error was repeated again in February 2017 on Nicktoons as seen here. This time, it uses the sped-up version of the logo while plastered over the 2009-present Nickelodeon Logo. This was fixed in 2019 where United Plankton Pictures Inc. was brought back again.

Krasty Krab

  • In the Bengali dub, the title card, "Krusty Krab" is misspelled as "Krasty Krab."

Krabby Suprem

  • In the very beginning, on the Galley Grub, "Krusty Supreme" is misspelled as "Krusty Suprem." There is no price for the "Krusty Supreme" and the text is distorted.
  • The graph, which shows the financial performance of the Krusty Krab, has the axis featuring the profits inverted, so the Krusty Krab's profits are actually going down.
    • However, the X-axis on the graph is labeled power rather than time, and the y-axis is entirely unlabeled. While the graph initially seems to display profit, it actually seems to display nothing at all.

The Krabby Patty sign is shown on the Rusty Krab window on the left.

  • The Rusty Krab has a Krabby Patty sign in the window, even though it was not being sold at that time.
  • In the second montage of still photos of the Krusty Krab, the ninth picture shows the menu that has "Krabby Patty" misspelled as "Krabby Pattie."
  • When the spatula, cash register, straw, and ketchup packets begin to spin around, SpongeBob's nose is much shorter during the close-up shot.
  • When four robotic arms come out from the Krabby Patty which starts to walk, the Krabby Patty neither just simply falls nor jumps from the table to the floor. Instead, it just simply walks straight from the table to the floor.
  • In this episode, Plankton's eyelid is dark green, but in most episodes, it is the same color as his deep-green body.
  • When Mr. Krabs throws Plankton back to the Chum Bucket, nobody is seen running the register, nor are there any customers, but in the next shot, Squidward and Patrick are seen.

Running gags

  • SpongeBob asking "Can I make a Krabby Patty now?"
  • Squidward exemplifies poor workmanship while SpongeBob exemplifies good workmanship.
  • The word "POOP" being mentioned by the narrator.
  • Patrick saying "Uhhh..."
  • SpongeBob getting hit by fly swatters.



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