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    Alright, let's do some more Season 10. Right now, I will be reviewing Snooze You Lose and Krusty Katering, and a bonus episode from another Season.

    Snooze You Lose-

    When I first finished watching this episode, I was not a big fan of it, but after a few rewatches, I now like it more. The very beginning of the episode where SpongeBob and Patrick burping over the fizz, was funny at first, but then I got a litte tired of it. I thought the part when Squidward, Patrick, and especially Gary slept on SpongeBob was hilarious. The many attempts by SpongeBob and Patrick to get Squidward to wake up were very amising as well. Literally going in Squidward's body was really weird, but is still was pretty funny. My favorite part of the episowas the audition…

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  • Nookdawg

    This is my second episode review, and before I get to it, here are the ratings I can give an episode-

    -1/10- Nothing good about it.

    0/10- Terribe, but with maybe one alright moment.

    1/10- Terribe, but with a good joke.

    2/10- Bad, not funnny, but an alright plot.

    3/10- Bad, a few funny moments.

    4/10- Meh, not funny, but a decent plot.

    5/10- Meh, a bad plot, but with a good amount of funny moments.

    6/10- Meh, a great plot, but not funny at all.

    7/10- Good- very funny, but not the best plot.

    8/10- Good- an great plot, and a good amount of funny moments.

    9/10- Great- a great plot, and very funny.

    10/10- Amazing- an amazing plot, and very funny.

    11/10- Perfect- a flawless episode.

    This episode gave me the old SpongeBob vibe the most out of any SpongeBob this…

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  • Nookdawg

    This is my first review of an episode on this wiki, and I plan to do more soo.

    In "The Wreck of Mauna Loa," SpongeBob and Patrick discover a lost amusement park ride while playing around. This episode is one of my favorite episodes in this entire series. I thought the theme was great, and it felt really original as well. Some of the funniest moments in this episode include the Squidward toenail line, SpongeBob and Patrick pretending to be be pirates, and of course, SpongeBob and Patrick finding the real Mauan Loa again. Despite Mr. Krabs being a careless cheap bastard as always, he got what he did get arrested in the end. This is actually the only episode I remember where Krabs actually has been arrested for breaking the law(which he does o…

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