I haven't really seen one of these, so I'll make one.

  • Season 1 - Home Sweet Pineapple - The whole losing your house concept is pretty sad, and SpongeBob crying at the end added on to that.
  • Season 2 - Dying for Pie - No, not Dumped, which I don't even find sad at all to be honest, more annoying. The whole fact that Squidward knew what he thought was going to happen, and seeing how SpongeBob really had no idea makes it pretty sad, but it is definitely an amazing episode.
  • Season 3 - The Sponge Who Could Fly - The way SpongeBob was treated was kind of sad, and the remembering spongebob segments give me goosebumps sometimes.
  • Season 4 - All That Glitters - Let. The. Hate. Unleash. I never really understood the hate for the episode, and we all have had a connection to an inanimate object once in our lives. It was sad.
  • Season 5 - The Original Fry Cook - That "looks like I'm going to be replaced" feeling is never good.
  • Season 6 - Gone - This season didn't really have many sad episodes, so this one gets it. The concept of Gone and why what happened, happened, is pretty sad.
  • Season 7 - Gary in Love - You gotta feel for Gary here, you really do.
  • Season 8 - Hello Bikini Bottom! - Never Give Up. Nuff said.
  • Season 9 - The Whole Tooth - It may give some memories of when they were young and had baby tooth. Saying goodbye to your baby teeth does eventually lead up to the day where you say goodbye to your childhood.
  • Season 10 - Mimic Madness - Idk, not too many sad ones here. The song can be considered to be sad.
  • Season 11 - Don't Feed the Clowns - Meh, it isn't really sad, but no Season 11 episodes really are as of now (Though I can see one in particular possibly change that). The clown being lost makes it a little sad I guess.

This blog is kind of a mess, but yeah.

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