Nookdawg Nookdawg 5 October 2018

Saddest Episode Per Season

I haven't really seen one of these, so I'll make one.

  • Season 1 - Home Sweet Pineapple - The whole losing your house concept is pretty sad, and SpongeBob crying at the end added on to that.
  • Season 2 - Dying for Pie - No, not Dumped, which I don't even find sad at all to be honest, more annoying. The whole fact that Squidward knew what he thought was going to happen, and seeing how SpongeBob really had no idea makes it pretty sad, but it is definitely an amazing episode.
  • Season 3 - The Sponge Who Could Fly - The way SpongeBob was treated was kind of sad, and the remembering spongebob segments give me goosebumps sometimes.
  • Season 4 - All That Glitters - Let. The. Hate. Unleash. I never really understood the hate for the episode, and we all have h…
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Nookdawg Nookdawg 20 January 2018


Hello all.

I have decided to resign and retire from Encyclopedia SpongeBobia. Unfortunately, the main reason for this is I have just completely lost all interest in posting on here. I made a mistake by requesting for Discussion Moderator as I did not even look into the future at all. Seeing that the reviews are in a few weeks, I wouldn't stand a chance at passing them. Another thing is I made a post in the Season 11 article were I one-word reviewed every epiosde of the season. 2 users told me that my opinion is wrong and I should switch 2 episodes. It is annoying and it has been going on here for awhile.

I may come in here to give an opinion on new episodes in te future, but that will probably be my only contributions here.

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Nookdawg Nookdawg 30 November 2017


Hello, I haven't been in in two days because I have been busy with school and other things. Can someone put me on wikibreak because I can't edit it in as the page is protected.

I'll be back when I have more time on my hands.

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Nookdawg Nookdawg 31 October 2017

About last night

So, last night was really rough for me. I don't want to get too in to it much, but I will just say that a lot of bad stuff happened, Due to that, I went on pretty much every website I was apart of and just said I would be leaving them all because I was just so upset with everything. I feel like making that blog post was uncalled for and unnecessary, and I did not handle my emotions well at all, and I would like to apologize to everyone for that.

Anyways, I am not retiring and I do not plan to do so anytime soon. This site has a lot of great people, and I would hate to leave that behind.

The blog from last night-

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Nookdawg Nookdawg 31 October 2017

Leaving for some time

Hello, this is Nookdawg, formerly Alien511. I am a social user on this site, and you probably see me a lot if you do the game threads. Well, I decided that I want off of this wiki for awhile. There have been some things on here that have added a lot of stress to my life that is already bad as is. Not going to mention anything specific, but yeah. This is pretty unimportant though as I didn't really do much for the wiki, so yeah. I don't know when I will come back. It could be as short as a couple of days to a week. It could be as long as a couple of months or so.


Edit: I don't know how to change the title, but I have decided to retire for good now. Goodbye.

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