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aka Beautiful Dreamer

  • I live in Greece
  • I was born on October 1
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Nick mick

    I need to adress this

    March 26, 2019 by Nick mick


    I've been recently feeling terrible for a lot of my past actions, and I would feel guilty if I hadn't adressed what others may consider, a mistake of mine.

    Here's how it goes: There's 03bgood. He's considered to be an autistic person, and a lot of people point out things about him that make him seem impolite and like someone who wants to do nothing in his life. I sign up on Kiwi Farms to express my toughts about him, without reading the rules!

    After expressing my thoughts on him, I stopped logging in on this forum for a long time, till early 2019, so I coould express my opinions on John K. and Butch Hartman for the controversies centered around them.

    But nevertheless, I came…

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  • Nick mick

    That's right, after only the first ten episodes of the show I watched on Nickelodeon Greece (which will repeat them in a marathon this Sunday), I can safely say that this show is one really excellent Nicktoon!!! Why?

    1. The show is funny

    No need to really go over this topic. The jokes are really funny, they include some really cool slapstick, and they don't always relate with toilet humour, like Breadwinners f.e.

    1. The show has memorable characters

    The show includes a wide range of characters with a lot of personalities overall. Now, I know what you're thinking: aren't all those stereotypes we've seen in a bijillion other shows?? Yes, they are. SpongeBob also has. Rocket Power has. Heck, even shows like Rocko's Modern Life, Arnold, and Robot and Mo…

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  • Nick mick

    Hi!!! As you may know, I have been really inactive this year, due to a lot of work in my school, and since in my country school year is finishing (in my class on March 31, and there's a week of exams on 4 subjects), I thought that it would be now a great time to start being active again! How are you guys doing?

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  • Nick mick

    My grandfather died

    February 2, 2018 by Nick mick

    As the title says, my grandfather died a few hours ago... I feel incredibly sad, as I and the members of my whole family tried their best to make him better.

    It all happened so quickly.

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  • Nick mick

    First of all, I want to clarify that those ahorts are also available for free viewing on social media of outside-US Nickelodeon channels, so making download links won't be bad.

    Christmas Special:
    Turkish, Spanish, French:!EzAwQICK!EIDOb3kZ5y8I6GCGahsPrrGVLdKw8-ogrAH1C04BjBU

    Flipper meets Jagger:
    English, Italian, French, Arabic:!tuZhzaYS!ETmu-j9qzMjdWb99hiQUwToUSim8x3iz_buY4ltZdpE

    Flipper finds a sport:
    English, Italian, French, Arabic:!92Ix0BrA!dEFALYmGE8p3NTNXXNz0uN9Aov8YUQWio5Vhd5XdtFE

    First Date:
    Italian, French, Turkish, Spanish: http…

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