Okay, okay. Lemme get this straight. I like this episode. I like Pearl, I don't think she's a whiny, annoying, self-indulged spoiled brat. I've liked her, this episodes, and all the other episodes featuring her since I was 4. But this episode still pisses me off. Let's go to the main part of the rant.

MR. KRABS RUINED PEARL'S BIRTHDAY PARTY. I know, SpongeBob gives her the presents in the end. But that doesn't excuse the cheap birthday party. Pearl specifically asked Mr. Krabs not to ruin her party ("I gave you a list!") and yet he does it anyway. All of Pearl's parties were like that. WHO on God's green earth would do that to THEIR OWN CHILD?! If Pearl wanted her party to be fun and fabulous, Mr. Krabs should've listened to her! He should stop ruining his daughter, even if she's spoiled! Pearl said that if didn't have a good party, she'd drop out! Yet Mr. Krabs doesn't listen and gives her a cheap and lousy party! And it seems like he's gonna do that every year! Have fun supporting your daughter for the rest of her life, Mr. Krabs!

Next, Squidward liking Boys Who Cry? THAT'S JUST GROSS! He's a fan of classical music, he plays a clarinet for crike's sake! Yet he likes this modern boy band that was clearly meant for girls! So he performs at the cheap party and parodies a good Boys Who Cry song (that's what I think) making it horrible! Nobody likes it, and Pearl starts crying! But he continues to sing! AND HE'S EVEN TWERKING LIKE MILEY CYRUS! Luckily the crowd threw tomatoes at him. At least the real Boys Who Cry popped out of a present and performed, but that doesn't excuse what could have been a live on stage performance by them at the Krusty Krab! (Not to mention they didn't go back in the Krusty Krab at the end.)

I think that's all there is to the rant. Happy New Years, and happy 16th anniversary to Karate Choppers! (That means the Volcano Sauce Drop is 16 years old. Whoa.)

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