Hi, I'm Jordan2001. I wanted to creat this blog post to confirm that I am now under a new IP. What are IP accounts? IP accounts are basically numbers that follow to what city you live in,so if you're not careful, your IP can be hacked.

So just a little over than 5 months ago, i joined this wiki under a certain IP address which was leaded to a new IP when I moved to a different city in May 2016. And in June 2016 a new user came in asking me all these weird questions like "why do you have so many edits" and "stop breathing." I didn't realize this until i noticed that this user was jealous about how i run my life. About a week later he had made fun of a lot of other users here in chat which leaded himself to a block. That's when it boiled his blood, causing a dispute between him and other users. After his 2 week block he literally wrote an apology message and linked it to a bad site on multiple walls, including mine. That caused his block to run longer than the first one. After so many fights and arguments between this user, he had attempted to:
  • Threaten other users
  • Call people names
  • Create multiple socks
  • Break up my friendship between my friends
  • Block me unfairly
  • Make fun of other users and call them losers
  • Flash other users with inappropriate images
  • Hack
  • Break into other people's accounts and control it (i am controlling this)
  • Tattletale on innocent people
  • vandalize pages
  • get me disqualified
  • The list goes on...
Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that I was stuck in a complete breakdown yesterday and i had a very important talk with the wikia staff involving this hacker. And they took action by disconnecting his account from all across wikia. So, just to tell you MARCIEL, MKO, AND LOCA ARE ALL UNDER DIFFERENT IP'S. I HAVE NO CONTROL UNDER THESE ACCOUNTS, I NEVER DID, AND THERE IS NO WAY THEY'RE COMING BACK (THE WIKIA STAFF TEAM TOOK CARE OF THEM) Wikia also told me to tell them if there's anymore problems, let them know asap. So, I just wanted to make this blog to show you that im okay, I'm not hurt, there is no burglar coming after me, we are all safe now. So let's all just start fresh again and pretend like nothing happened, let's just put all this drama behind us, and keep our heads up. I still love each and every one of you, and hold on tight to your dreams. Because "Behind every successful human, is their self." Until next time,  Jordan2001 (MCE) Sqidward 22:32, August 30, 2016 (UTC)
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