As some of you may know, back in November 2014, I made a blog called "User blog:Jensonk/Did Yeti Krabs get CANCELLED???" because "Yeti Krabs" was suppose to air in the USA back then, but it was cancelled.

Approximately 5 months later, there is finally an official air date for "Yeti Krabs" in USA!

The Futon Critic - Yeti Krabs not crossed out

On The Futon Critic, it says the episode will air March 29, 2015 before the premiere of Harvey Beaks.

And if that wasn't enough proof, here Nick TV Schedule evidence for you.

Nick Schedule - Yeti Krabs is there!

We also have an officially "Yeti Krabs" advertisement. Note: The volume in the video is quiet so turn up the volume.

SpongeBob - Quiet Yeti Krabs promo!

SpongeBob - Quiet Yeti Krabs promo!

At long last, Nickelodeon has found a official air date for "Yeti Krabs" which is exactly one year after the previous episode aired in the USA.

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