Because I'm able to edit here in 2018, I can say that it has been officially 4 years since I starting editing the SpongeBob SquarePants wiki way back on March 9, 2014. Yeah, it's me Jensonk and I'm still alive. 2014 was my first time ever editing a Fandom wiki and I was still getting use to their format at the time. Also, I was 13 and a half (13½) years old when I started editing this wiki. I was unable edit this wiki for most of 2018, but oh well. When a lengthy block was placed on me on November 4, 2017, I still continued to live my life. Of course, being blocked on the SpongeBob wiki website was not going to stop me from living my life no matter how long any of the blocks were. I did have to shift my main wiki focus as I still continued to edit some other cartoon wikis in the meantime during my 1 year block on the SpongeBob wiki. In fact, my edits on some of the other wikis is how some users still knew I had intend in editing a Fandom wiki. Particularly explained in some of the messages I've gotten on my message wall over at The Simpsons wiki. There are some personal milestones that I've archived during that 1 year timespan such as becoming an adult and reaching 12th grade. Don't worry though, I'm still pretty interested in SpongeBob. I have been still been keeping up with the new SpongeBob episodes that premiered during that time I was blocked. At the time of my block placed in November 2017, there were some episodes of Season 10 that hadn't watched yet at the time. But in February 2018, I finally finished watching the entirety of Seasons 1 through 10. I might do a review on Seasons 1 - 10 in another blog for what episodes I considered good, okay, and bad. One thing I've noticed is the numerous amount of block reviews that happened over the past year. Some of you guys have had rather interesting things to say about me in those block reviews. I'm not really going to address those things in this blog though. Another thing I've noticed is that certain things on this wiki has changed quite a bit during the 1 year I was gone. Looks like I'll have to try getting use to some of these new format changes. Despite my absence, there were 2 other users in this blog and this other blog who honored my 4 year anniversary around the time of the official date on March 9, 2018. So thanks to them. CheeseRoxTheWorld, who missed me during my 1 year block, unfortunately was a user who did not live long enough to see the day of me returning to this wiki. I did miss this wiki over the past year, but at least I'm back for now.

P.S. Thanks for all the welcome back messages on my wall. I really appreciate it!

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