Well, this has been a long time wait.

  1. "Hey, Squidward, two ordinary Krabby Patties." These are not Krabby Patties. These are just the meat of Krabby Patties. (+1)
  2. "When expertly tossed with the skill of a champ, they become..." "A one-way ticket to pain!" And food poisoning as you are sliding them on the floor with your feet which may or may not be clean. (+1)
  3. The window that falls off does not leave a hole in the wall, like most windows should. How did he see through the window if that's the case? (+1)
  4. "But we were performing a ritual to attract customers." They will not buy a Krabby Patty that's had feet on the meat. Also, no one is looking out the window. (+1)
  5. Also Patrick does not work at the Krusty Krab so wouldn't he be a customer in a way? (+1)
  6. "Listen, instead of killing yourselves" Mr. Krabs indirectly predicts what many consider to be the worst SpongeBob episode ever. (+1)
  7. "So if I see even one drop on anything but wall, I'll have your rear ends cut off AND MOUNTED OVER ME FIREPLACE!" Why their rear ends? Wouldn't their heads be more threatening? (+1)
  8. Mr. Krabs leaves his fry cook to paint his house for the whole day which would make it an even slower day at the Krusty Krab. (+1)
  9. Mr. Krabs has a lot of stuff on the wall and he even has a trident. SpongeBob even refers to them as expensive. This "cheapskate" doesn't seem so cheap to me. (+1)
  10. "Okay, we'll just paint around all this stuff." That would be EXTREMELY difficult if not impossible to do without getting paint on it. Not to mention that you'd leave part of the wall unpainted. (+1)
  11. SpongeBob and Patrick do not recycle newspapers to cover the stuff on the wall as forms of protection. At least Mr. Bean did that. (+1)
  12. The single paint drop goes against physics by bouncing on the tarps. (+1)
  13. "Three hours later." "Can you move it along? I'm all out of timecards." Minus one sin for a hilarious fourth wall joke. (-1)
  14. But one will be added back because Mr. Krabs will probably not get back to see it finished. Usually, a day at work is 8 hours long. It may take more than 5 hours if they go at this rate. (+1)
  15. SpongeBob blowing the paint from the stuff on the wall is hilarious but goes against physics. (+1)
  16. Also that bubble goes against it too. (+1)
  17. Paint is not bubble mixture. Patrick cannot blow paint into the form of a giant bubble. (+1)
  18. It is literally impossible for thew exploding bubble to paint only the wall. The stuff on the wall and by extension SpongeBob, Patrick and Patrick's pump should also be completely covered in paint. (+1)
  19. Also, paint does not delay. The walls are not magnets for paint so SpongeBob moving out the way is really good timing when you think about it. (+1)
  20. There is paint on the doors and shelves. I am pretty sure that counts as not being on the wall. So SpongeBob and Patrick are losing their butts. Did I really just type that? (+1)
  21. Mr. Krabs' first dollar is hung on the wall but if it was so important to him, why was it not behind glass? (+1)
  22. Mr. Krabs hanging their butts on the wall somehow includes their pants too. Granted I'm relived but it's a little odd. (+1)
  23. The dollar being sanded would cut it up which would cause even more damage to the dollar, yet it remains intact despite Patrick's hands being cut off. (+1)
  24. Patrick has gruesome hole in his belly from the hose which is on their for three reasons. Number 1: There is no way it missed the dollar. (+1)
  25. Number 2: Water does not go through someone like a gun shot. (+1)
  26. Number 3: Patrick is not dead. (+1)
  27. Patrick breaks Mr. Krabs' computer. Computers cost a lot of money so Mr. Krabs would be furious. (+1)
  29. Patrick slides a dollar in the vending machine but does not press the button that tells the machine which candy he wants. Actually, there is no keypad at all. (+1)
  30. The paintings manage to stay on the wall without any falling off. Did SpongeBob and Patrick glue them? (+1)
    • Mr. Krabs takes a painting off the wall* They did not so there is literally no way they are staying up like that. (+1)
  31. The crayon drawing on the dollar is not visible in any other shot. (+1)
  32. "You mean our butts?" "Can I use mine one last time?" SpongeBob goes to a low form of comedy with that single poop joke. (+1)
  33. Licking paint does not get rid of it at all. Also, the crayon drawing is still there! (+1)
  34. Mr. Krabs laughed so much that somehow he managed to spit all over the wall. (+1)

Sin Count: 33

Sentence: This Episode's Butt Hung on My Wall

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