GoldenSpongebob: Welcome to ESB (insert name here)! Anyways, get the intro started!


e™: e, I want to find out what the next episode will be about.

GoldenSpongebob: THANKS FOR ASKING! e™: E!

(GoldenSpongebob runs to the microphone)

GoldenSpongebob: Today's challenge will be about working at McDonald's.

CartoonGuy: Why McDonald's?

GoldenSpongebob: Because this is my show.

Mac and Cheesenol: Okay fi-

(Everybody teleports to McDonald's)

GoldenSpongebob: Make as much burgers as you can for all the coustumers! Mac and Cheesenol: ne.

Dude 1: I would like a cheeseburger.

peanuts: Kay,

(at where the food is made)

peanuts: Let's see, bun, meat, cheese, peanuts, lettuce, bun.

peanuts: Here you go sir!

Dude 1 eats cheeseburger

Dude 1: Why does it taste like peanuts?

peanuts: Um..


Rats!: Hello, what would you like? Dude 2: Fries.

Rats!: Fries, okay..

(After the fries making)

Rats!: Here y-  (The fries turn into a monster)


To be continued.

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