Hello, I'm Expert. Judging by the title of this blog, you probably won't like this blog, but I really miss Jensonk. You probably won't agree with what I have to say about Jensonk. Here's why I miss Jensonk, and why I think he should be unblocked.

NOTE: This blog is really long.

ANOTHER NOTE: Feel free to comment down below, but I recommend saying something nice about Jensonk, and please don't say anything mean about Jensonk, or else your comment will be deleted, and you will be given a discussion warning for rude comments. Also, please make comments relevant to this blog, or else I'll delete your comment, and give you a discussion warning for irrelevant comments.

ANOTHER NOTE: I know most of you are TL;DR, but I really want you to read this, and see that Jensonk isn't a bad user, and why I miss him, and feel why I think Jensonk should be unblocked. I also recommend not commenting, until you've read this whole thing.

FINAL NOTE: No matter all the mean users say about Jensonk, I'll never change my opinion about Jensonk.

Jensonk was a wonderful user. He was very nice, did nothing wrong, and he was 1 of the sweetest users the wiki's ever had. He was even an admin and assistant a while ago. He was also 1 of the best contributors the wiki's ever had. He really cared about the wiki. He made over 45,000 contribs, and was #2 on the leaderboard, before he was blocked forever, and he uploaded like 15,000 high quality photos used on articles. Many users hate him for no reason, it's ridiculous. Many users say he is very mean on other websites, such as YouTube, issues on other websites doesn't matter here. Many users also think this user is a sock of Jensonk. He's not. There wasn't enough proof proving that Tuffducky was a sock of Jensonk. Many users also were extremely mean to Jensonk. I know many people say that he got way too many chances, but I know another user that was blocked around 4 times more, yet everybody likes him, and he's not blocked forever. Jensonk made a quote and quote "death threats," the one he made at Cookie was a fact, not a death threat. The second one was a death threat to nobody. He said that the hacker should have a heart attack, but since there was no hacker, there was really no death threat. Most people's profile pictures represent who they are.

Now tell me that a really bad user would have a really nice profile picture like this.

Since Jensonk's profile pictures represents SpongeBob, and SpongeBob is very nice and innocent, and his profile picture also has SpongeBob smiling, (implying that Jensonk's a very happy, sweet, and kind guy). So why would such a quote and quote "bad user" have such a nice profile picture? If he was really a quote and quote "bad user," he would probably have a mean or inappropriate profile picture. Also, I talked to him a little after he was blocked forever, and he said "I really had fun throughout my years here. All of you people helped me become a better person. I really tried my best to help the wiki. The wiki made 2014-2017 the best years of my life." He's saying that he really misses the wiki, tried his best to help it, and that the users here helped become a better person. I just loved what he said when I talked to him, that I put it on my profile page because of it. I also notice that only me and a few other users miss them. The ones that I can call from the top of my head are Red, Isolated, FrenchSpongeBob, and Jodan. Depth and Luigi are also users who cared about Jensonk. Depth was also the only admin to not treat Jensonk like garbage. If I was an admin before he was blocked forever, I would've gave every admin that was rude to him, a warning. Also, when Jensonk made a so called "passive aggressive comment" on Spongebob456's message about an infinite block being on the table. It was not rude and Jensonk's comment was also true, and when Jensonk was blocked forever, I got so mad that I was about to retire, and I cried for over 20 min.
Me when Jensonk got blocked forever

Me when Jensonk got blocked forever.

, and when I saw Golf's "Edit < Behavior" comment on Red's blog, it made me so mad that I punched a wall, and trust me, it put a big dent on it. I'm also sick of all of this hate on Jensonk. It's ridiculous! I overall feel that Jensonk shouldn't have been blocked. I also overall miss Jensonk badly.

TRIVIA: This blog took me around 45 min. to type up.

MORE TRIVIA: Ever since I discovered the wiki (November of 2016), Jensonk has been my idol, and my favorite user on the wiki, other than me.

FINAL TRIVIA: Sometimes when I think about Jensonk, it sometimes makes me cry, that he's blocked forever.

BTW: I will make a block review for Jensonk on May 21, 2018. I'm making on that day, because earlier than that will be under 6 months (the time limit of how far each valid block review is supposed to be), and that means it'll be invalid, and it better pass, or else, I'll be very mad and sad. The Awesome... Expert at Terraria! M B C E The Axe

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