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    This is it. My least favorite episode of the whole series. This episode has so many problems and I really hate this episode. First, Patrick is “helpful” by getting his friend more stuck than he already is. The part where Squidward gets mustard in his eyes is super disturbing and that really bothers me. That’s one part that keeps me away from this garbage episode. Also, SpongeBob is somehow not able to swallow food. How is that possible? Patrick becomes more arrogant, and doesn’t care about his friend’s condition. I really don’t blame SpongeBob for yelling at Patrick for his selfishness, but I really hate when the fish scold SpongeBob for yelling at Patrick. Sandals’ quote, “Ya know, kid, your body isn't the problem. It's your heart. You de…

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    Here are my episode ratings using pictures of Finn McMissile.

    Name Rating

    1a - Help Wanted

    1b - Reef Blower

    1c - Tea at the Treedome

    2a - Bubblestand

    2b - Ripped Pants

    3a - Jellyfishing

    3b - Plankton!

    4a - Naughty Nautical Neighbors

    4b - Boating School

    5a - Pizza Delivery

    5b - Home Sweet Pineapple

    6a - Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

    6b - Pickles

    7a - Hall Monitor

    7b - Jellyfish Jam

    8a - Sandy's Rocket

    8b - Squeaky Boots

    9a - Nature Pants

    9b - Opposite Day

    10a - Culture Shock

    10b - F.U.N.

    11a - MuscleBob BuffPants

    11b - Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost

    12a - The Chaperone

    12b - Employee of the Month

    13a - Scaredy Pants

    13b - I Was a Teenage Gary

    14a - SB-129

    14b - Karate Choppers

    15a - Sleepy Time

    15b - Suds

    16a - Valentine's Day

    16b - The Paper

    17a - Arrgh!

    17b - Rock Bottom

    18a …

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  • EmuLuke23

    Not a good Season 3 episode. Patrick gets his best friend in trouble. Who gets their friend in trouble?! He should’ve just confessed to Mrs. Puff that he did the cruel drawing. At least he apologized in the end and they saved Roger.

    Well folks, that ends Part 1. I hope you like my list and respect my opinion! EmuLuke23 out!

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  • EmuLuke23

    This is my Questions and Answers blog. If anyone has something to ask me, please do. It can be about anything. It doesn't have to be related to SpongeBob. It can be, though.

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