Hello everyone. For my final blog post, I will do it on my history with Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy, which most of you know I like. I also used to put it in my top 10. I don't anymore, though. Anyways, here we go!


I was relaxing one day, it was maybe a Sunday, when I was on iTunes, and saw the episode. I got interested right away, because of the title. Back then, I was younger, so I didn't know I could just download it. I began to then search for ways to watch it. One Friday, I found it on the Nick website, but it wouldn't play. However, one day, it was a Tuesday, after watching The Adventures of Tintin with Dad, I found the episode on Amazon Prime. I told Dad and he said, "You have been dying to watch that show!" I watched it and really liked it. The next day, I watched it with my nanny Kay, and she didn't like it. She also said, "Ew," at two bits of the episode. When I watched it with my parents, my mom didn't like it and has the same opinion with Tyler on the ending. But Dad liked it and three parts made him laugh.


After getting a wart removed from my foot, I ordered some SpongeBob things online, and one of them was The Great Patty Caper DVD. On the day I got the DVD, my friend Diego came to my house, and we watched every episode on the DVD. When third grade was ending, my class threw a going away party for me, because I was going to a new school. We had root beer float and watched SITKWS and TGPC. For SITKWS, at one part, the class had the same reaction as Kay. We watched SpongeBob because my teacher had never seen it before. They all liked the episode.


I stopped watching SpongeBob for a while, but I got back to it in September. I made videos of parts of SpongeBob I found funny, and Part 1 had the "Try again," bit. When my aunt visited, we watched that episode and other ones. When I was at my sister's friend's house, I watched SpongeBob with other people, and the first one we watched was SITKWS. On Christmas, I got the Complete Seventh Season and the Complete Fourth Season. On the way to Tahoe, I watched lots of episodes, including SITKWS. 


When I was making the cutouts, me and my friend (the one whose favorite episode is Squeaky Boots) made a cutout of Sandy's fur pelt. A few months later, my mom's boyfriend's son wanted me to do a cutout of Sandy without her fur. I did it one night, along with Tyler's favorite cutout (Snail SpongeBob). I now rank the episode as my 50th favorite.

Well folks, that is my history with the episode. EmuLuke23 out!

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