Hello everyone. This is my second to last blog on ESB before I retire. Anyway, this is Part 2 of my 50 favorites. Let’s begin!


25. Dunces and Dragons

This is an amazing episode. It was pretty cool seeing SpongeBob and Patrick travel back in time after volunteering at an event. My favorite part was the part with Dark Knight and her deep voice. Third best of season 4.

24. Snail Mail

This is my favorite of 9B and overall favorite of season 9. Why I really like this episode is because I like how SpongeBob tried to keep his secret and how Sandy helped him learn to fly. I also try to keep secrets, unsurprisingly. I also didn’t think Patrick to be the pen pal, unlike in “Bulletin Board,” when I figured he was Pstar7. So, this is a great episode.

23. Hall Monitor

This episode is pretty funny. I liked seeing SpongeBob trying to help others out, and them getting injured. Patrick screaming at the poster is also really funny. And who could forget, “The maniac’s in the mailbox”? Also, SpongeBob realizing he is the maniac is great. Another great episode from my favorite season!

22. Spot Returns

This is my favorite of season 11 and the second best of the post sequel era. In this episode, Spot has babies and Plankton training them to steal the formula. Seeing SpongeBob as an amoeba is cute and funny. I also love Plankton’s line, “Take this puppy or I’ll destroy you!”

21. Spy Buddies

This is a fantastic episode that I think belongs in the pre movie era. In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick are spies and spy on Plankton. I really liked the gadgets Sandy had and the twist. I used to think the ending was odd, but now I think it’s funny.


20. Frankendoodle

Sorry guys, this episode isn’t in my top 10. It’s still a great classic, though. It was funny at the beginning with the artist complaining about his pencil, and SpongeBob and Patrick being scared of a pencil. The moments with DoodleBob are hilarious. And who could forget, “Where’s the leak, ma’am?” and “Finland!” Fourth favorite of my fourth favorite season.

19. Opposite Day

This episode is terrible! Just kidding, that’s Opposite Day talk! In real talk, this episode is hilarious and another great classic from my favorite season. In this episode, Squidward attempts to sell his house, and fails to. SpongeBob, Patrick and Gary pretending to be Squidward is just too funny! Another great one!

18. Mimic Madness

As some know, this used to be my favorite episode of the series. SpongeBob imitating his friends is funny, unlike in “Gone.” My favorite imitation he did was the imitation of Sandy. All of SpongeBob’s friends imitating him is also funny. My favorite part is when SpongeBob guesses “B” to Sandy’s question, and Patrick saying, “I had the same answer!”

17. It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

This special is very special and amazing. I love the stop motion animation that they used and the story was great. This episode also has my favorite song in the series. I also like that John Goodman was cast in it. He was the right choice for Santa. Second best special.

16. Perfect Chemistry

I’ve seen a lot of dislike towards this episode and I don’t know why. In my opinion, this is an amazing episode and the best of season 7. My favorite parts are Squidward screaming at SpongeBob’s parts and Sandy’s evil laugh at the end.


15. New Digs

Along with “Mimic Madness,” this episode also used to be my favorite of the series. However, this was my favorite for a longer time. In this episode, SpongeBob lives at the Krusty Krab. The episode is loaded with funny moments, especially the socks and underwear in the cash register. This is my favorite of season 5 and the third best post movie episode.

14. Wishing You Well

This is another episode that is so amazing. I feel like it belongs in the pre movie era. Anyway, this episode has hilarious moments, like the claustrophobic part. That bit is hilarious. I also liked how Mr. Krabs got the proper punishment for trying to steal people’s money. Second best of the post movie era!

13. Graveyard Shift

Sorry guys, this episode is not in my top 10. It’s still fantastic, though. Unsurprisingly, SpongeBob mispronouncing the Hash Slinging Slasher’s name is the best part. The two other parts I think are the best are the hair raising screams and the 3 A.M. bit. Another amazing episode!

12. Krusty Towers

This is another amazing episode and the best of the post movie era. It was funny watching Mr. Krabs forcing Squidward to do ridiculous tasks and Squidward doing the same thing to him. And I think the best part is that the employee elevator was a staircase.

11. Wet Painters

This is another hilarious classic that is loaded with tons of funny bits. Unsurprisingly, the parts I think are the best are, “We have technology,” “Super special secret assignment?” and especially, “Can you move it along? I’m all out of time cards.” It was also great how Mr. Krabs got his karma in the end. So all in all, this is another great one!

Top 10

Here is my top 10 where episodes get better.

10. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, this episode is worthy of being in my top 10. It’s also my dad’s favorite episode. In this episode, Barnacle Boy doesn’t get an adult sized Krabby Patty so he becomes evil. That bit is funny. Also, there are two other bits that are hilarious. They are Mr. Krabs threatening to fire Squidward and the gang wearing costumes. At the end, Barnacle Boy reforms. This episode is awesome and unsurprisingly the best Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy episode ever created!

9. The Algae's Always Greener

This is another hilarious classic. In this episode, Plankton switches lives with Mr. Krabs, but it doesn’t go the way he wants it to. The three best parts are unsurprisingly “So long, shrimp!” “And the next day, and the next day, and the next day...” and especially, “What? It’s just an ordinary Krabby- OH MY GOODNESS!” Another great one and the fourth best of season 3.

8. I Had an Accident

Another epic classic! The beginning is hilarious, with Patrick crashing just like in his game, and Sandy’s quote, “Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?” Also their attempts at getting SpongeBob to come outside are funny. So all in all, this is another great episode.

7. Christmas Who?

This is one of two season 2 episodes in my top 10. This is also my favorite special of the series. In this episode, SpongeBob learns what Christmas is from Sandy and tries to bring it to Bikini Bottom. The part I think is the sweetest part is when Squidward dresses up as Santa to make SpongeBob feel better, despite him hating SpongeBob. It’s also great that this episode debuts another character played by Tom Kenny.

6. Pizza Delivery

This is another amazing classic from my favorite season. In this one, Squidward and SpongeBob go through extreme lengths to deliver a pizza. The best parts are the song (obviously), “Backing Up!”, and lastly, I liked how Squidward stood up for SpongeBob and gave the mean customer what he deserved for rejecting the pizza. Another epic classic!

Top 5

This is where the episodes get better and better.

5. SB-129

This is not my favorite of season 1, but it’s still amazing. In this one, Squidward time travels to different time periods. The places that he travels to are pretty cool. Him being in the alone realm is funny with all the echoes. It’s also nice that Squidward admits he misses SpongeBob.

4. The Camping Episode

This episode is another amazing and it’s 100 times better than its poor sister. The beginning is funny, how Squidward thinks SpongeBob and Patrick are out of town, but they’re actually not. The song is really great, and I liked how Squidward got what he deserved for endangering SpongeBob and Patrick with the sea bear.

3. Sailor Mouth

This is hilarious and my favorite of season 2. It was funny watching SpongeBob and Patrick using bad word #11 and shocking others. The Eels and Escalators part was also funny. It was also nice how the guys got punished for using foul language. Another awesome episode!

2. Chocolate with Nuts

Expected this to be #1, did you? You shouldn’t be surprised if you know me on ESB. Still, this episode brings loads of funny moments. Unsurprisingly, the part, “CHOCOLATE!” is the best part. Also, the ending and SpongeBob and Patrick lying about what chocolate can do are also great parts.

And now, it’s time for me to unveil my favorite episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.

My #1 Favorite

1. Suds

This is it. My favorite episode of the whole series. It has a lot of cool and funny bits. First off, SpongeBob makes a sandwich, and leaves the fridge open all night, which makes him sick. When Mr. Krabs finds him sick, he lets him go home and rest, which is something he wouldn’t normally do. When the costumers think SpongeBob sneezed on their food, Fred says “My leg!” Then SpongeBob calls Sandy to take him to the doctor. But Patrick thinks the doctor’s office isn’t a good place to go. He then gives SpongeBob funny treatments which don’t help. Also, Patrick hiding SpongeBob from Sandy in his “mobile home” is funny. Him and Sandy fighting over SpongeBob is again funny and how his sneeze destroys the Krusty Krab. At the end, SpongeBob recovers, and Patrick gets his karma for impersonating a doctor. Another thing I thought was cool about this episode is that Tom Kenny was sick while doing his voice for this episode. In my opinion, this is the best episode ever!

Well folks, those are all my 50 favorite episodes! I will soon do my last two cutouts and blog before retirement. EmuLuke23 out!

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