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  • EmilyHReturns

    Hello guys, this is Emily here this Sunday to give a little trivial list of what I consider to be the worst TV shows and movies of all time, in no particular order. The worst crap I have ever seen in my entire life, I rate all these titles a negative 0/10. Terrible TV episodes or particular eras of a show (like a certain season or year) will not be included in this list, as much as I'd like to. I might make a Hurt & Heal on some of these titles this week if I get the chance. Since I mainly watch children's TV, most of the shows you see on this list will mostly fall under that category, with notable exceptions every now and then.

    Without further ado, let's present my picks for the worst TV shows and movies of all time. Leave your agreements or…

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  • EmilyHReturns

    Hello guys. A couple months ago I shared my ideas for in this blog, and now I've only come up with even more that would be really interesting! My new episode ideas are as follows:

    • "Men Work, Boys Play" - Squidward is forced to do chores at Mr. Krabs' house all day during a temporary suspension from work. Meanwhile, Patrick has taken his place as the restaurant cashier, but with the two friends together, he and SpongeBob find themselves goofing off at work and making a mess rather than doing their jobs...
    • "The Return of PlanKrab" - In this episode, (as implied by the title) PlanKrab returns!
    • "RPG Dudes" - SpongeBob, Patrick, and Bubble Bass play an RPG game on their respective computers, with individual shots of them playing the game all in o…
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  • EmilyHReturns

    in a surprising twist, we learn that... PLANKRAB DIDN'T DIE!

    but he isn't feeling well. He has a serious case of the coronavirus and it is up to Doctor Patrick to cure him.

    PlanKrab: *meets Doctor Patrick* Ayyyyyy Doctor Patrick-er-er-er!

    Doctor Patrick: Hello PlanKrab. I'm Doctor Patrick, and today I'm here to cure you of this contagious disease. I hear you got the coronavirus that's been spread due to the outbreak?

    PlanKrab: Unfortunately yes-er-er-er.

    Doctor Patrick: Well, I have worked up a medicine of my own combined with sand and saliva. I'm not sure how effective it will be, and considering I'm the same guy who failed to cure my best friend of the suds, don't expect this to be anything spectacular. [feeds PlanKrab the medicine]

    PlanKrab: Wha..…

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  • EmilyHReturns

    I haven't made my final decision yet, but I'm sad to report that there's a possibility I might resign from my position as a chat moderator due to drama and other problems lately. This doesn't mean that I'll retire as I'll still be actively contributing here but just won't be moderating the chatroom anymore or going on chat as often.

    I don't want anyone to think that I'm acting out for attention with this blog but there has been a lot of problems going on in chat lately that have made me feel uncomfortable and wanna resign from the role slightly. I just feel like everyone has their backs turned against me for being too strict within regards to enforcing the chat policy and trying to prevent users from spamming the same letters and symbols ev…

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  • EmilyHReturns

    That's pretty good! (Not that I care much about badges but still impressive how I finally got to that spot.)

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