Hey guys, since season 13 is coming up pretty soon, I just thought that I'd give my own version of episode ideas for that season. Keep in mind though that all these are purely fanon and have not been confirmed as official episodes:

  • "Puffy Fluffy Returns" - In this sequel to "A Pal for Gary," Puffy Fluffy returns in monster form and crashes through SpongeBob's house overnight. SpongeBob, having woken up, realizes this and makes eye contact with the monster who is intent on eating him. A flashback then plays of SpongeBob's history with Puffy Fluffy and SpongeBob, horrified at his abuse, realizes that he blamed Gary for Puffy's actions and is in deep regret and sorrow, but that doesn't stop Puffy from eating him. Gary gets on SpongeBob's bad side again and refuses to save him as payback for his past neglect. However, Gary reconsiders and gets Sandy's help once SpongeBob has been placed in Puffy's stomach.
  • "Lord of the Fish" - In this parody of William Golding's Lord of the Flies, a story is told about the main cast as children stuck on a land and forced to govern themselves without any adults in sight. SpongeBob plays the role as Ralph, a fair-haired, attractive 12-year-old boy, while Squidward plays Piggy, an overweight boy with savant-like intelligence who was a frequent target for bullying. Patrick plays the role of Jack Merridew, a short-tempered, red-haired boy who shouts bouts of arrogance; Mr. Krabs plays Simon, a boy with a frequent propensity to faint and has a love for nature which is often made of by the other boys; Plankton plays Roger, a skinny boy who isn't as energetic as the others and is sadistic and rude; Sandy and Gary play Sam and Eric.
  • "The Chummy Snail" - Gary is required to be babysit by Plankton as SpongeBob goes on a vacation, but little does SpongeBob know that Plankton is once again using him to steal the formula.
  • "A Fry Cook Named Patrick" - Patrick is hired by Plankton to cook food at the Chum Bucket, jeporadizing his friendship with SpongeBob and causing the Krusty Crew to sabotage his job.
  • "To Kill a Mockingsnail" - SpongeBob enters Gary into a best snail contest, but things get difficult when he realizes a guy already has a snail with the same name who looks exactly like Gary.
  • "The Krusty Bacon" - SpongeBob starts putting bacon into Krabby Patties and it immediately becomes a hit amongst the town.
  • "Bully No More" - Flats the Flounder returns in another major role and starts acting nice to SpongeBob as per Mrs. Puff's promise. How long can he go before doing something bad to him again?
  • "Sandy Needs a New Helmet" - In this episode, Sandy's air helmet breaks as she has to attend an important event and it is up to SpongeBob and Patrick to get her a new one before it is too late and she goes out without one.
  • "SpongeBob in Love" - A female sponge in town goes to the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob falls in love with her.

Those are all my ideas for episodes of season 13. They obviously are fanon but it would be cool if these episodes became real. The last one seems the most unlikely since SpongeBob has been confirmed to be asexual, but that doesn't amount to being aromantic.

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