Hello! Today, I'd like to make a review on episodes, that aired didn't air in the USA yet - My Two Krabses, Knock-Knock, Who's There, Pat Hearts Squid, Lighthouse Louie, Hiccup Plague, The Kwarantined Krab, Plankton's Intern, Patrick's Tantrum, Bubble Bass' Tab, Kooky Cooks, Krusty Koncessioners and Dream Hoppers. The blog might contain spoilers!

My Two Krabses

Bruh, this episode didn't air in Russia or the USA yet. Sadly. The episode starts at Krusty Krab, where Patrick, SpongeBob and Squidward. Krabs told everyone not to disturb him. Krabs went sunbathing, in his table. SpongeBob heard Mr Krabs' voice and thought that Krabs is in danger. When he came to his room, he saw his shell and overstretched ice cream, that Krabs confiscated in Squidward. SpongeBob scared. When SpongeBob and Patrick showed Krabs' shell to Squidward, he told that it's only Krabs' shell. And SpongeBob decided to fill in this shell to resurrect Krabs. He bought Chum in Chum Bucket. Plankton asked if SpongeBob wants to steal his chum formula, but they laughed on it. They came to SpongeBob's home and filled Krabs' shell by chum, but they made a big mess in the home. SpongeBob's socks were wool, and SpongeBob extracted an electrical charge from them, which revived Chum Krabs. Krabs came to and saw that his shell is gone. Even though KK had many costumers at that time, he successfully escaped and no one saw his naked body. At that time, SpongeBob and Patrick are trying to teach Chum Krab. They didn't understand that it's not a Mr Krabs. Sadly, Gary wasn't in this scene, even though it SpongeBob's house scene. When Krabs came home and turned light on, he saw that Pearl is having a slumber party. But the things that wonder me was that when Krabs escaped KK, it was very light daytime, but when he came home, it was night. Krabs shamed Pearl, took his executive costume and run out. SpongeBob and Patrick leaded Chum Krabs to Mrs Puff. Before, Krabs never mentioned in the episode that Puff is the woman he dating today. Mrs Puff didn't understand that it isn't real Krabs and went on date with him. Krabs arrived to Puff's house, but it's too little too late. Mrs Puff and Chum Krabs are in "Fancy!". Krabs arrives in "Fancy!" and see Chum Krabs. He enters the hall, but SpongeBob and Patrick lead him out. Squidward comes and informs that it's real Mr Krabs. They apologize to him. When Mrs Puff and Chum Krabs are finished their date in restaurant they came out and Krabs started a fight with Chum Krabs until Chum Krabs ruins. Mrs. Puff apologizes to Krabs, while SpongeBob and Patrick put the rests of Cum Krabs in a barrel. Chum Krabs captures SpongeBob and Patrick and absorbs them.

Even though the ending, the episode is 8/9 - Great.

Hiccup Plague

The plot is simple - two small kids, Tina and Timmy, created a hiccup virus after they eat hot chips. SpongeBob was the first one who infected. SpongeBob hiccuping was funny, especially when he shooted multiple Krabby patties to Nat Peterson. As revealed, Krabs is counting days in KK without SpongeBob's nonsense. Krabs came and tries to help SpongeBob, and he infected. Then, he meets Mrs. Puff. They're still in romantic relationships. After Mrs. Puff kissed Krabs, she infected by the hiccup virus. She came to the restroom to drink water and meets Pearl. It's shown that they know each other's names, even though this episode is produced before A Cabin in the Kelp. Mrs. Puff accidentally blew the water to Pearl, making her wet and infected by the virus. However, Pearl easily gets rid of the hiccup and infected Jellyfishes. It looks like so far only Pearl understood that the bubble is the hiccup virus. Jellyfishes infected Bubble Bass and he blew water to his comic. Old Man Jenkins came and told that it's not a hiccup that used to be in his times. Bubble Bass loses his skin and runoff, making Old Man Jenkins satisfied. Bubble Bass came to orange Perch Perkins who was leading a LIVE about the hiccup epidemic. Bubble Bass told everyone to stay at home and infected the microphone that infected Karen. Karen sneezed and infected Plankton. Plankton missed some tubes with chemistry and he burst and flow out of Chum Bucket. Plankton infected Patrick and he understood that bubble is a hiccup virus too. Patrick was scared because he was infected, but Squidward told him that he can't be infected by hiccup until Squidward was infected. Squidward met and scared Pearl, Mrs. Puff, and Bubble Bass. However, SpongeBob comes and tells him to hug him to infect him by a hiccup. SpongeBob left Bikini Bottom and went out. When he fell off the coral, Sandy caught him and told him that she will cure SpongeBob. Krabs tried to scare SpongeBob, but he was scared too. Mrs. Puff told him to drink water, Pearl told him to dance and Bubble Bass told him to hide pickles under the tongue and Patrick told him to eat snail food, but all that advices were unsuccessful. The sad thing is that there was no Gary reference in that scene. Gary appeared on the beach at Laguna Goo in "SpongeBob vs. The Big One", but he wasn't there to make all main characters appear. Also, I don't understand, what does Bubble Bass, the supporting character is doing with the main characters under the treedome. He shouldn't be there. There was an error with Pearl's helmet. She needn't the helmet since she is a mammal and breath the air, but under Sandy's treedome she is wearing it. BTW, Sandy makes SpongeBob laugh by tickling it and cured him. But they did a stupid thing. Instead of isolating the hiccup bubble, they just freed it. They were careless and didn't think that the hiccup bubble can infect someone else. Hiccup Bubble returned to Tina and Timmy, making their hiccup. I don't think it's right.

So, the episode was pretty interesting and funny. My mark - 8/9 - Great.

The Kwarantined Krab

So, here comes my new 10th favourite episode, that surpassed Girls Night Out, It's a SpongeBob's Christmas, Have You Seen This Snail?, and The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom. The episode starts at Krusty Krab. There no background costumers, and I like it. I like episodes when Krusty Krab is almost empty. Petrick is trying to make an order, SpongeBob delivers the order to Pearl and Mrs Puff. The first episode, that shows that Pearl is aware a bit Krabs and Puff's relationships. Mrs Puff showed that she and SpongeBob are sealed that they don't know each other when they are not in school. Suddenly, the main antagonist of the show, health inspector came and told that someone is having a dangerous illness called "Clam flu". He closed KK on the quarantine. Everyone is scared, except for SpongeBob, but later Patrick asks, what does "quarantine" means? SpongeBob tells him that it's like pajama party but in a closed area. Squidward tells him what does quarantine means and Plankton, who hid in soda appeared. He escaped by ventilation tube, but HAZMAT UNIT fried him. Pearl is upset because tomorrow she'll have an event in school. Wait. Didn't she finish school? Never mind. Krabs tells his friends how he and his team used to do when someone on the ship got an illness, they closed him in the freezer. Krabs asked, who is a disease carrier, but no one told. Krabs said he will inspect every one. But Squidward told that he doesn't allow anyone to touch him and accidentally threw the peppercorn to SpongeBob's nose and he sneezed. So, SpongeBob went to freezer but kissed Squidward before he did it. Mrs Puff heard SpongeBob's sounds in the freezer. She said that she can't listen to them, but asked someone to record them. However, SpongeBob found it interesting to sit in the freezer - skiing, eating ice cream. There was a Jingle Bells soundtrack and it reminds me Christmas. I rewatched this episode first time and went to street to walk and singing Jingle Bells in summer. How weird. Patrick saw the Ice Cream and faked his illness to go to the freezer. This episode strongly resembles an The Penguins of Madagaskar episode, called "Operation: Cooties" (season 2 episode 8 or episode 57 overall). Both episodes include scenes, where when someone shows the symptoms of illness, they are isolated. Patrick was thrown to the freezer and he hanged out with SpongeBob. When Squidward scratched, he was thrown to the freezer, and Mrs Puff was thrown later when she yawned. Later, Pearl gave Krabs money that she didn't spend yet in Mall. Krabs threw her to the freezer, because he thought that she becomes mad. Later, we are shown a scene in the freezer, in the igloo - the house of the Eskimos. The gang was there. They came up, that if no one here isn't ill, so Krabs is the one who disease carrier. They escaped from the freezer and tried to capture Krabs. It was a funny scene. Later at night, the health inspector returned to say that his device worked wrong and no one has the disease. But he saw our friends ill and HAZMAT UNIT packed KK and threw it right on Chum Bucket.

The episode is very funny, interesting, it has teamwork, so I like it. My 10th favourite episode, 9/9 - High Great, and 2nd best in S12.

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