Today, March 7th, marks the 1 day wikiversary of a deleted comment written by Oprah Side. Words cannot sum up the greatness of this comment. Unfortunately, I can't quote what the comment said because otherwise, this blog will be deleted. However, it really wasn't inappropriate at all. It has been deleted per a nonexistent rule that if a member of ESB:Administration doesn't agree with your opinion, your comment will be deleted.

I discovered this comment after hearing about it from some users, and what I heard sounded legit, so I just had to visit its link, and after looking at it, I was extremely sad to see it deleted.

I highly doubt that the comment was harmful or inappropriate; I honestly think that the mod who deleted it is just trying to make Oprah Side look bad. I mean, this isn't the kind of behavior we would expect from a former administrator (on a previous account). Plus, we've had unreasonable comment deletion problems on ESB before, so I think this is the case. I'm pretty sure it actually did get deleted for no good reason, the same thing happened to Madiyunu, Spongebobvstheloudhouse, and Hart New Bob, too. So, why didn't anyone check back when this deletion occurred to finalize the determination of whether or not the comment was actually breaking the rules? I think I'll bring this up to the admins and let them decide if the comment really is innocent and should have another chance.

Anyways, what I love so much about this comment is its amazing sense of humor: there is so much effort put into it. I admire its variety and dedication to following me on Twitter. It also created many important memes that we always needed before but never had, such as "damn jon" and "There has to be (a policy against it) since Philly warned EmpressYzma for the same thing."

blah blah blah cheesy memorial blog filler filler filler

Farewell Oprah Side's comment on TheInternetRuinedMyLife Memorial. You have brought us many great laughs that we will never forget and we'd like to thank you for all your time that you dedicate here for the time being (i know i'm talking to a comment, shush). Hopefully you'll get another chance to return someday, as I highly doubt those inappropriate comments were you. I am extremely sad to hear about all the deletion you faced, and shame on those accounts who ruined your chances of returning. I truly believe you are still innocent.

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