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    Today, March 7th, marks the 1 day wikiversary of a deleted comment written by Oprah Side. Words cannot sum up the greatness of this comment. Unfortunately, I can't quote what the comment said because otherwise, this blog will be deleted. However, it really wasn't inappropriate at all. It has been deleted per a nonexistent rule that if a member of ESB:Administration doesn't agree with your opinion, your comment will be deleted.

    I discovered this comment after hearing about it from some users, and what I heard sounded legit, so I just had to visit its link, and after looking at it, I was extremely sad to see it deleted.

    I highly doubt that the comment was harmful or inappropriate; I honestly think that the mod who deleted it is just trying to …

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  • Chuck123456


    January 24, 2018 by Chuck123456

    Well, today is the day. I, Chuck123456, am officially resigning from the administrator position on ESB. The reason? I have lost interest in contributing here. I don't feel the excitement and passion I used to feel. I don't think I am still able to perform my job here, it doesn't feel like something I enjoy anymore or what I want to do. However, no one here is to blame, all of you are great people and I'd like to thank you all for the great time here.

    Am I going to stay on the wiki? Well, I am still going to comment and participate in discussions occassionally, add new information about the Polish dub of SBSP, and if you need help with obtaining high quality screenshots of episodes from seasons 1-3/9B-11, don't hesitate to ask, I still can he…

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    Hi, everyone! I have seen a lot of people comparing early season 4 to the pre-movie era as well as stating that some episodes were originally planned to be in season 3, but they were never made. I believe it could have been, indeed, true.

    I think that originally, when season 3 and the movie were going to wrap up the series, Nickelodeon ordered season 3 to be 26 episodes long. It would make sense that they decided to order more, given the success the show achieved during season 2.

    Below is the planned list of late season 3 episodes back when it was going to end the series. I picked all episodes that felt like season 3, excluding specials. Why? Well, the specials in season 4 didn't have Patchy subplot, while the pre-movie specials always had t…

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    Interesting blog for title card fanatics like me. I'm surprised I haven't done it before. So, here's the COMPLETE list of the animated title cards. I don't count Legends of Bikini Bottom title cards because only the book is animated, not the actual title cards.

    1. "SB-129"
    2. "Prehibernation Week"
    3. "Idiot Box"
    4. "One Krabs Trash"
    5. "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler"
    6. "Skill Crane"
    7. "Ghost Host"
    8. "Karate Island
    9. "All That Glitters"
    10. "The Donut of Shame"
    11. "The Krabby Kronicle"
    12. "Trident Trouble"

    • Season 4 has the most episodes with animated title cards.
    • Seasons 3 and 4 are the only seasons to have more episodes with animated title cards than one.
    • "Trident Trouble" is the first episode with animated title card after nearly 9 years.
    • "Trident Trouble" is the first high-definition e…

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  • Chuck123456

    School trip

    May 28, 2017 by Chuck123456

    A short blog of informative purpose. Tomorrow, I'm going on a school trip lasting 5 days. We're going to see many fantastic places and monuments and have a lot of fun, such as campfire, movie night, bowling, and even water park! It's very unlikely I'll be able to make any edits as we're going to be in motion all the time. So if you notice a brief drop in my activity, you know why. I'll miss editing here a bit, but I'm coming back in less than a week. See you later!

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