Today, March 6th, marks the 4th wikiversary of former administrator and assistant Jensonk. Words cannot sum up the greatness of this user. Having been #2 on the leaderboard and having over 45,000 edits, he was the second most popular user here behind 120d.

Jensonk first joined on March 6, 2014 and started editing a lot of episode articles by adding the release section to them. However, he wasn't following proper formatting back, which eventually lead him to being blocked for 2 weeks. However, once the block ended, he was able to return to the community and continue making his perfect edits that put a smile on the community's face.

There are just so many great things about this user that words cannot sum up. He made so many great edits, always having a knack for complying with the content accuracy and formatting guidelines. He created many useful pages for online games and really helped with the galleries.

He had so much time on his hands to edit 24/7 and reach 45,000 edits within his 3-year course of being here.

He was also very funny. For instance, when AMK once told him he's stalling, Jensonk quoted the first movie by replying "Stalling?" As serious as he should have been, I think his opportunities to quote and make references to the series in serious threads by admins is actually pretty funny.

Farewell Jensonk. You have been an immense help to the community and we are all sad to see you go. Your amazing contributions will forever be in our hearts and we hope to see you return some day.

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