On October 25, I said that I would tell my life story. I was planning to do it Yesterday, but forgot, so I am doing it today.

My Name is Dylan Thomas Kelly. I was born at Fairview Ridges Hospital in Burnsville, Minnesota, USA at 7:10 a.m. on February 11, 1998. I am named after poet, Dylan Thomas, who is my father, Michael James Kelly's favorite poet. I was supposed to be born on Valentine's Day, but was born earlier.

I am the second of two children of Michael and Elizabeth Kelly. I have an older brother named, "Sean James Kelly". He was born on September 6, 1994. 

I have lived in two houses in my hometown of Apple Valley, MN. I was three when we moved to the house that I am currently living in.

My brother and father were born in Iowa. My mother was born in Boston. No, she does not have the accent since she has lived across the country mostly in Missouri, where she grew up, and Iowa.

I went to an elementary school called, "Greenleaf Elementary School", which is located in "my backyard". I went to middle (junior high) school at Falcon Ridge Middle School. For my first two years of High School, I went to Apple Valley High School. However, I did not like it there, so I changed schools to the school I am currently at, Eastview High School.

When I was in Preschool, at a place formerly called, "Children's World", I met one of my best friends named, "Daniel Pan". We went to the same elementary school and the same middle school together. However, at the end of middle school, he was forced to move to California due to Parents' job opportunity. I have not spoken to him since I, regrettably, yelled at him on the second to last day of middle school due to a kid playing a song that I hate and Daniel likes. Yeah, so, I still have that guilt.

When I was in Kindergarten, I met my other best friend, Rebecca Levey. She remained at the same Elementary School and went to the same middle school as I did. She did not go to my first high school, but goes to my current high school.

I do not remember when I started watching SpongeBob or The Fairly OddParents!, but I have seen every episode of both and love the shows.

When I was in eighth grade, a friend of mine named, "Grace Munoz", suggested that I watch a show called, "Doctor Who". At first, I was resistant to start watching it, but the summer after I was bored one day and started watching it on Netflix. I fell in love with it immediately. I has become my favorite show. If you ever start watching it, don't look it up on IMDb, it is not one of those shows, you will not understand, especially if you think the main characters name is "Doctor Who", which it is not. I found out later that it started in 1963 and there was an entire series left for me to watch, I am currently on season 21 of the original series. There were 36.

When I was in Elementary School, I became friends with my bully, James. We hung out a lot. In third grade, he was taken away from his parents because people thought there were bombs in his house, there were not bombs. He returned in fifth grade, however, he was different, he did not want to hang out with me as much. Our friendship ended when he called me a bad friend. He was important. He and I created a game, after playing Nicktoons Unite!, called "Anything". There were only two rules, none of the main characters could die and anything else can happen. It was a fun game. We used are imagination a lot. The game centered around the main characters of Nicktoons Unite!. This is what allowed me to want to be a part of cartoons.

In the years after our friendship, I started coming up with ideas for the current Nickelodeon Cartoons (and later Doctor Who and NCIS), which my mother said I should write down. I did not want to at first, but my brain was becoming too full, so I finally did. During my time playing anything, we came up with characters similar to the Anti-Fairies from The Fairly OddParents!. These characters became The Nega-Heroes. I had all the intention of making all of my stories come true, but I was rejected last year/early this year by the secretary of Butch Hartman, the creator of The Fairly OddParents!. I did actually get to hear his answering machine. The reason I the secretary rejected me is because she claimed that his shows would be ending soon.

This began the period of my life where I started thinking about writing my stories as Fanon stories. My first story is available here:

I still have not given up on my dream of working on Doctor Who. However, it seems unlikely.

Here's where this past summer comes in. Over the past year, I became incredibly annoyed with what was happening to this Wiki. I personally believe that too much change was happening in a short period of time. I also did not like the behavior of the users on this Wiki, especially in what I am calling "Chat User Bashes", which is when people gloated about how much they hate a user or several users. I left on September 1, after round two of the Summer Background Contest was decided. I returned a month ago. It was not because of the users, no it was because I missed editing on this wiki. I also left in August to pursue my dream of one of my five channels called, "All-American Studios". However, I learned I cannot draw, so I started editing on The Fairly OddParents! Wiki.

I currently have two projects that I am working on. You can see all of my projects here: User blog:120d/Projects

My paternal grandparents and their family (besides my father) are Christians, but I, my brother, and my dad are atheist. My Mother is agnostic. I don't have a spectacular story about how I became atheist. I'm not sure anyone really does. I just stop believe like I did for other mythical creatures. I celebrate Christmas, but only the commercial part of it. It is the same for Easter.

Now, I am sure that you are wondering something along the lines of "What does any of this have to do with your disease?" First, don't call it a disease or an illness. I also don't prefer "disorder", I prefer "Difference". Second, I have left that for the last section.

I was born with a rare lung difference that I believe is called, "Upper-Middle Left Syndrome". It is a real thing. It is a lung thing. I have gotten better. When I was a little boy, I had to take horrible tasting "liquid" medicine, which was just crushed up pills mixed with water. When I got a bit older I had to take a pill. When I was about 10, I started taking it only after I got pneumonia, which is what this causes. It also causes death. I had to spend my first Christmas in a hospital. I was also BORN with High-Functioning Autism and ADHD. I really want to write a book called, "The Word That Ruined My Life" because "Autism" did. I was not educated like a normal student. I mean I like some of the things, but mostly I feel like I am treated like either a really dumb person or a baby, which I am neither. I am quite smart. I despise school because it is useless. The thing that adults forget or don't realize is that it is instinct for people to learn. I also took medication for my ADHD. up until October 26, I took it everyday (or at least I was supposed to). I am currently doing an experiment by being off it. This explains my weird behavior recently.

I hope you have learned more about me. If you want to know more please comment and I will tell you.

By the way, it took me until this to realize why its called "Fanon". I combines the words "canon" (not the weapon) and "fake".

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