Eps i cant rate

  • (260a) Knock Knock, Who's There?; not available in English
  • (260b) Pat Hearts Squid; per 260a
  • (261b) Hiccup Plague; not available in English + not aired yet
  • (263b) The Kwarantined Krab; per 261b
  • (264a) Plankton's Intern; per 263b
  • (264b) Patrick's Tantrum; per 264a
  • (265a) Bubble Bass' Tab; per 264b
  • (265b) Kooky Cooks; per 265a
  • (267a) Krusty Koncessionaires; per 265b
  • (267b) Dream Hoppers; per 267a
  • (268a?) A Place for Pets; per 267b

Eps i rated



Chocolate with Nuts

Pizzy Delivery

Scavenger Pants

Spy Buddies

Selling Out

SpongeBob in RandomLand

A Cabin in the Kelp

Pineapple Fever

No Pictures Please

Breath of Fresh Squidward

CopyBob DittoPants

Goo Goo Gas

Drive Thru

The Great Patty Caper

No Free Rides

Gary's Got Meat Legs

Ghoul Fools

Le Big Switch

SpongeBob's Bad Habit

SpongeBob, You're Fired!

Stuck in the Wringler

Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy

Are You Happy Now?

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